Carl's Sims Medieval Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

The Sims Medieval Cooking Recipe List

for the Spit, Oven, & Cooking Pot with Ingredients and Buffs

Every Sim aspires to eat better than bland gruel, which actually gives a negative focus buff but does satisfy hunger. Note that all stews produce Lage (Group) portions, which means you can store the leftovers in a larder to feed your Hero later. You can also cook up a group portion, eat one bowl, then drag the bowl to your Hero's inventory to sell it for some profit (drag to sell box in inventory) before the food spoils. There are four bowls in a group serving.

When playing with Multiple Heroes, make a group meal before bedtime and cancel the first Hero's eating. He'll set the bowl down. You can then drag the individual serving to the other hero, and repeat once more. You can sleep all night long with a great food buff and the food will not have spoiled by the time they wake, when they can again refresh their food buffs.

All buffs are 6 hours unless stated otherwise. Gastrobury will make your food take twice as long to spoil and double the duration of all focus buffs from food. The Natural Chef trait will reduce cooking time and always give a Delicious buff of +15, which lasts a few hours.

Some of these Recipes come from Quests. We'll get into the specifics of what Quest they come from later, when I've built a Quest list on the guide. For now, this is a good reference list to help you make better meals for your Sim. I suggest you use Control + F (browser's find feature) to look for items your Sim has in their inventory. Then you can see what you'd need to make it a better meal.

All recipes in this list imply 1 of each ingredient listed unless stated otherwise.

Master Recipes
You can get some incredible Master's recipes from doing Meat Quest IV. These recipes will sell for a premium and with the Natural Chef trait you can cut the cooking time in half. This can lead to some impressive money by dragging the food to the inventory's sell icon.

Please email any corrections or additional buffs these recipes provide to me at We are working to add all of the buffs to the list! (Brewing soon to come) Special thanks goes out to forum member mccoymk for providing a ton of data to help me start this section.


I got an email from Dennis Matthews, who had some information on the larder and sharing food:

"I used to put cooked food into it for my other Sims - a big waste of time.

By accident I realized you can click on the larder to cook food if the items are in it. So the merchant buys all the village food then she puts all the food in the larder. On the next quest the new hero simply goes to the larder and clicks on cook. They don't have to take individual items out and can then make anything. I found this also works for wine. If there are grapes, honey, spices ect in the larder you can also brew, straight to the wine cask, those drinks.

Whale buff - I recently realized they can also get rid of the negative buff by going to the docks and yelling at the ocean. This is helpful if the merchant hasn't bought them the boat and harpoon yet."

Christine (a fellow webmaster with a blog template site) contacted me as well. She had some tips for the early game:

I have a tip for inexpensive meals. Seems like when I am playing a new hero, they're short on cash and good meals give a positive buff while bad meals give a negative buff. These meals are less expensive than using the larder because of the ingredients required for larder recipes (larger stew recipes), and the price of the larder.

The least expensive good meals are:
trout soup
tench soup
herring soup
seed porridge
onion soup
turnip soup
pigeon soup

So go fishing and sell all but the tench, trout, and herring. Pick wildflowers and sell all but the seeds. If you can hunt, you can get meat to sell. This gives you money to buy the less expensive meal ingredients (onions, turnips, pigeons).

Cooking Pot Recipe List

Recipe NameRequired IngredientsBuff Strength
Bear SoupBear Meat+30
Bear Stew (Large)Bear Meat, Cabbage, Mushroom, 2 Potato+30
Boar SoupBoar Meat+30
Boar Stew (Large)Boar Meat, Cabbage, Mushroom+30
Chinchilli (Quest)Chillaweed, Rabbit, Wheat, Spices +30
Double Boar Stew (Large)2 Boar Meat, Cabbage, Onion +30
Eel SoupEel+15
Eel Stew (Large)Eel, Cabbage, Egg, Onion +15
Fish Stew (Large)Herring, Trout +5
Fowl Soup Fowl Meat+5
Frog Soup Frog+15
Frog Stew (Large)2 Frog, Potato+15
GruelNo ingredients required-5
Herring Soup Herring +5
Hunter's Stew(Large)Bear, Boar, Fowl, Rabbit, Venison +50
Master Boar StewBoar Meat, Cabbage
Master Hunter's Stew (Large)Bear, Boar, Rabbit, Venison+50
Master Sweet Porridge (Large)Apple, Barley+50
Meat Soup Haunch of Meat+5
Mushroom Soup Mushroom +5
Onion Soup Onion +5
Pigeon Soup Pigeon +5
Potato Soup Potato +5
Rabbit Soup Rabbit Meat +5
Rabbit Stew (Large)Rabbit Meat, Turnip +15
Salmon Soup Salmon+30
Sausage Stew (Large)Gastrosausage, Spices, Potato
Seafood Stew (Large) Potato, Salmon, Trout+15
SeaBounty Stew (Large/Quest) Eel, Egg, Make-Believe Serum, 2 Trout
Seed Porridge 4 Seeds+5
Smortlee Stew (Large/Quest) Cheese, Egg, Spices, Trout
Stewed Fowl (Large) Fowl Meat, Potato, Turnip +5
Sweet Porridge (Large) Apple, Barley, Honey +15
Swordfish Soup Swordfish+30
Tench Soup Tench +5
Trout Soup Trout +5
Turbot Soup Turbot +15
Turnip Soup Turnip +5
Vegetable Stew (Large)Cabbage, Mushroom, Onion, Turnip +5
Venison Soup Venison +30
Venison Stew (Large)Cabbage, Cheese, Onion, Venison +15
Whale Soup Whale Meat +30
Whale Stew (Large)2 Whale Meat +25 for 24H

Whale Stew is the clear winner here. You can only get Whale Meat if you take the Whale Ate My Parents trait. Choice cuts are used in Spit recipes below. To have Hunter's Stew, you must maintain your diplomatic relationship with Crafthole.

Cooking Spit Recipe List

Cooking with the Spit is my preferred method. Keep in mind when placing a spit that the Sim needs room to stand on the end with the handle. Spit recipe buffs last a whopping 12 hours but aren't as strong as the other options. But, they'll get your Sim through the working day like no other... except Whale Stew!

Deer Jerky has a special -- it never rots. It's not the best meal, but you can carry around loads of this and it will last forever. Great for Gluttons and any hungry Sim on the go.

Recipe NameRequired IngredientsBuff & Info
Bear Steak (Large)Bear, Cabbage, Mushroom+15
Braised Boar LargeBoar, Cheese, Egg+25
Braised Whale (Large)Mushroom, Whale Meat, Whale Meat Choice Cut+30 2 Day
Deer Jerky (Large)Salt, Spices, Venison+10
Delicious Venison (Large)Cheese, Potato, Venison+20
Fried Fowl (Large)Fowl Meat, Mushroom, Turnip+10
Grilled Trout (Large)Potato, Spices, Trout+15
Master Spiced VenisonTurnip, Venison+25, Meat Quest IV
Roasted BearBear Meat+20
Roasted BoarBoar Meat+20
Roasted EelEel
Roasted FowlFowl Meat
Roasted FrogFrog
Roasted HerringHerring+10
Roasted MeatHaunch of Meat
Roasted PigeonPigeon
Roasted RabbitRabbit+10
Roasted RatNothing Required+0 Buff
Roasted SalmonSalmon
Roasted TenchTench+10
Roasted TroutTrout+10
Roasted TurbotTurbot+15
Roasted VenisonVenison
Roasted WhaleWhale Meat+30 2 Day
Royal Rabbit (Large)Cheese, Potato, Rabbit Meat+15
Seasoned Boar Meat (Large)Boar Meat, Onion, Spices+25
Spiced Pheasant (Large)Fowl Meat, Potato, Spices+15
Spiced Venison (Large)Turnip, Spices, Venison+20
Sweet Bear (Large)Apple, Bear Meat+40 1 hour
Sweet Swordfish (Large)Honey, Spices, Swordfish+20
UnicornucopiaBoar Meat, Bear Meat, Rabbit Meat, Spices, Unicorn Meat, Venison+75 12h

Cooking Oven Recipe List

All recipes in this category provide stronger buffs, but are very short-lasting. I do not favor this type of cooking for that reason. All buffs in this category are 3 hours in duration unless specified otherwise. This could be much better with Gastrobury annexed.

It's worth noting that bread-based foods have very long spoil times. Fowl and Eel pie are known to last a long time, and fine/barley bread as well. So, you can put these in your Hero's inventory and get the buffs on the go.

Recipe NameRequired IngredientsBuff & Info
Apple Pie (Large)2 Apple, 3 Barley, Egg, Honey+60
Barley Bread (large)3 Barley
Boar Pie (Large)Boar Meat+60
Broiled BearBear Meat
Broiled BoarBoar Meat
Broiled EelEel+40
Broiled FowlFowl Meat
Broiled FrogFrog
Broiled Herring Herring+20
Broiled MeatHaunch of Meat
Broiled PigeonPigeon+20
Broiled RabbitRabbit Meat
Broiled SalmonSalmon+40
Broiled SwordfishSwordfish+60
Broiled TenchTench+20
Broiled TroutTrout+20
Broiled TurbotTurbot+40
Broiled VenisonVenison+60
Broiled WhaleWhale Meat
Cheese Pie (Large)3 Cheese, 3 Egg, 3 Wheat
Crafthole Pie (Large)2 Mushroom, Cheese
Eel Pie (Large)Eel, Egg, Spices, Wheat
Feast Bread (large)3 Grapes, 3 Wheat, 3 Egg
Fine Bread (Large)3 Eggs, 3 Grapes, 3 Wheat
Fine Loaf (Large)3 Wheat
Flat Bread Nothing Required
Fowl Pie Egg, Fowl Meat, Spices, Wheat
Master Apple PieApple, 2 Barley, Egg, Honey +80 Meat Quest IV
Sausage Pie (Large)2 Gastrosausage, 2 Cheese, 2 Egg, 2 Wheat

Ale and Wine Brewing Recipes

Drinking Ale, Wine and other types of alcohol is common in The Sims Medieval. It's actually a good way to give your Sim a long-standing buff, so long as it's free. Having a Tavern in the Kingdom is a good way to get free drinks. Generally, Sims will need to do their own Brewing at home and that costs $50-60. Other Sims will come and drink it all up, which is no good and quite annoying. Sometimes you'll only get your 2 drinks in for the day and the rest is gone.

The 'Buzz' of drinking will produce a Focus buff that begins at +10, stacking up for 5 hours, then to Tipsy at +20 (again, 5 hours). So, with 3 drinks you can generally get the Sim to the max tipsy. The strength of the buff here is not determined by alcohol quality and doesn't change. Find out what type of Drunk they are by having that fourth drink. If they're a sad or angry drunk, don't bother doing that again. Happy drunks are the best kind, and can benefit from drinking too much. The type they are is set and doesn't seem to be modifyable. Getting too drunk can cause a Sim to have a hangover, a 12 hour -15 focus hit. Hair of the Dog - drinking again to overcome it doesn't work in The Sims Medieval.

So, with that knowledge of buffs from buzzing taken care of, the effect you'll see under the Buff column in this table is anything special that comes from drinking the various kinds of alcohol. Any kind of alcohol can get a Sim drunk after all, it's just the extra enjoyment they receive from a quality drink that we're going to bother to list. Note that the effects don't stack in the case of the special drink buff, they just get refreshed. Many of these drinks are not worth the exta buff in my opinion. Honey Mead costs about $120 to brew with regular security! Stick with a nice Ale to get your drinking Sim through the day.

Recipe NameRequired IngredientsBuff & Info
AleNothing Required-
Banker's Ale2 Barley, Gem Bag??
Barley Ale (Quest)3 Barley +20 Crisp Ale 2h
Bloody Moss Mary4 Bloodmoss+20 Crisp Ale 2h
Cider 3 Apple +10 Clean Ale 2h
Feast AleBarley, Honey, Wheat+10 Feeling Festive 2h
Honey Mead 3 Honey +40 Full-Bodied Ale 2h
Hypocras 3 Grapes, 2 Spices +20 Wine Divine 4h
Luffenting WineBarley, Egg, 2 GrapesRoyal Holiday Quest
Mulled Wine 5 Grapes +10 Great Wine 4h
Sparkling Wine 2 Grapes, Apple +5 Fine Wine 4h
Sweet Wine 2 Grapes, Honey +10 Great Wine 4h
Wheat Beer3 Wheat +10 Clean Ale 2h
WineNothing Required-