Carl's Sims Medieval Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

The Sims Medieval Legendary Traits Guide

List of All Legendary Traits and The Benefits for Sims

This Guide to Legendary Traits will list all of them, and tell you what they do for your Sim Heroes. Completing a Quest that offers a Legendary Trait will allow you to select from three random LTs out of a pool of ten. You can save your game near the end of a Quest that offers one, then reload to get another selection if you want a different one. Simply go to the main menu without saving and go back to the end of the Quest.

Here's a list of Quests that give a Legendary Trait, with a little more information:

Famous Legendary TraitFamous
Any Sim your meets for the first time will instantly become their friend. They'll also be much better at pulling off social interactions, which will make a bigger impact on relationship. Sim relationship decay will reduce dramatically, making Sim friendships require less maintenance. Lastly, they'll always be able to brew drinks free of charge.

Guild Connections Legendary TraitGuild Connections
This Legendary Trait is a little weird. The primary bonus is a reduction in build costs, at 40%. That's a hefty price discount, but you won't be buying too many objects with a single Sim. Additionally, they'll be able to wear any clothes, which can be accomplished with one of the Testing Cheats.

Herculean Legendary TraitHerculean
Herculean Sims always have great bodies, and can't gain weight. Their brute strength will ensure they'll alsmost always win fights. It's an incredible boost for a Knight, Monarch, or Spy. These Sims also get some extra social interactions, which are sure to impress other Sims.

Industrious Legendary TraitIndustrious
Industrious will give Sims a hefty percentage increase to their daily earnings. This would work incredibly well for a Monarch. Industrious Sims can also give money to other Sims, so they can spread the wealth!

Natural Leader Legendary TraitNatural Leader
Natural Leaders give all other Heroes in the game with them an Emboldened buff, which is permanent so long as the Heroes are active. Its constant +10 to mood will help a lot with quest progress and Sim Heroes' success rates at focus-driven activities. They can also cheer up other Sims, which can bring them out of negative focus.

Patient Legendary TraitPatient
Sims get a ton of extra time for completing their Daily Responsibilities. This isn't a very great perk, but it will give them more flexibility in their schedule. They'll also get some extra, powerful socials for making Friends but other Legendary Traits accomplish that more directly.

Satiated Legendary TraitSatiated
This Legendary Trait does one thing but it does it well. Satiated will reduce the rate at which the Hunger meter degrades. You won't need to eat nearly as often. This isn't all it's cracked up to be, as you'll still want Food buffs, and they'll wear off soon anyway. This would work well with someone who had a steady supply of Whale meat.

Seductive Legendary TraitSeductive
The irresistible lovers of the Medieval era, Seductive Sims can win over any other Sim with ease. This may have limited use -- Married and high-relation Sims don't fail at romantic interactions very often at all.

Strong Constitution Legendary TraitStrong Constitution
Sims with this LT will almost never get sick. They can drink all the want, and eat rotten food thanks to their iron stomachs. This is good for fighters as well, as it will reduce the stamina drain from fighting, giving them much more staying power.

Wise Legendary TraitWise
Wise Sims will gain experience much more quickly. This will also increase their odds at winning in cards and at the war table. They'll get a social interaction, Impart Wisdom, which gives Sims a 'Following Good Advice' +15 focus buff for 6 hours.