Carl's Sims Medieval Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

The Sims Medieval Gameplay Guides

Helpful Articles for Getting the Most Out of Your Game

We've written many Guides to helping you with how The Sims Medieval works. This list of articles should get you where you need to be on the site. See also the Guide to Running a Kingdom for more in-depth guides.

Gameplay Concepts
Get the Cliff's Notes version of the various core gameplay concepts in The Sims Medieval. This will also send you to other helpful areas of the site. It's a great place to get started and learn some of the new gameplay elements that are thrown at you vs other Sims titles.

Focus is the new 'Mood' meter in The Sims Medieval. It determines your Hero's success in a variety of activities. Read up on Focus and learn of the Buffs (aka Moodlets) that your Hero can get to improve their job performance and gain more experience.

Cooking and Brewing
No longer are your Sims making Nectar in The Sims Medieval. Now they're brewing up ale and wine. See this guide for a list of recipes in the game and how happy they can make your Sim. There are three total Cooking methods in the game. Learn the strengths of each, as well as use of the Larder (aka Medieval Fridge).

Foreign Nations and Alliances
Learn about this new gameplay mechanic. Your Kingdom can form Alliances with other lands, which will bring benefits to all your Heroes. Get info on the various bonuses they confer, trading, and imports. We also list the Quests you must perform in order to forge the Alliance.

Edicts and Diplomacy
If you make an Alliance, you've got to keep it. Learn of the Heroes who can influence relations with Foreign Kingdoms and how to keep your relationship with them rock solid. This guide can keep them all friendly, so you can go out and pursue multiple bonuses through annexing and reap the rewards. Edicts also trouble new players, and this should provide some insight into how the system works and what you can do to get them passed.