Carl's Sims Medieval Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

The Sims Medieval Kingdom Ambitions

List of All Kingdom Ambitions with Requirements and Rankings

Kingdom Ambitions Overview
Kingdom Ambitions are the Lifetime Wishes of The Sims Medieval. They really can't be compared that way though, as a KA is much more involved and takes a significant amount of time to complete. The Ambitions in this list will give you a Quest Point value (QP). That is how many QP you have to spend before the Ambition is finished. If you reach the Platinum ranking early, you can blow the last quests by cancelling them repeatedly until you've exhausted this. You can see where you stand by hovering over the little medallion under your Monarch's portrait at the top left of the Kingdom screen.

Completing these at higher rankings, like Platinum, will result in you getting all four achievements at once. This is a big help for your Watcher level, and will result in many item unlocks -- from costumes to furniture. This will greatly expand the available objects for your Sims in buy mode.

A good deal of Strategy is involved in tackling one of these and looking for the Platinums. Bronze is very very easy to accomplish by any means, but we want Gold and Platinum, right? Below you'll find links to tips pages for each and every one of these Kingdom Ambitions which should help you to meet your goals. I invite you to share your tips as well to help the community.

Free Play Ambition - An Eternal Kingdom
The Sims Medieval Patch 1.3 introduced a much-desired Free Play Ambition for Medieval. You can select this on the top-left corner of the Kingdom Ambitions screen. While playing here, you will start like any other Kingdom Ambition, but you won't have to worry about your end-goal. In this game mode, you will also have infinite QP. This is a wonderful playground and lets you experience The Sims Medieval without any worry of an ultimate goal.

New Beginnings Kingdom AmbitionNew Beginnings (50 QP)
Requires: nothing, the first Kingdom Ambition, required for all others

  • Keep - Platinum: Place 13 Buildings in One Kingdom
  • Castle - Gold: Place 11 Buildings in One Kingdom
  • Settlement - Silver: Place 8 Buildings in One Kingdom
  • Village - Bronze: Place 5 Buildings in One Kingdom

No Quest for the Weary Kingdom AmbitionNo Quest for the Weary (60 QP)
Requires: New Beginnings

  • Epic Quest - Platinum: Get a Platinum Medal on 16 Quests
  • Master of the Quest - Gold: Get a Gold Medal on 16 Quests
  • Quite Questy - Silver: Get a Silver Medal on 16 Quests
  • Played a Bit - Bronze: Get a Bronze Medal on 16 Quests

Imperial Domination Kingdom AmbitionImperial Domination (40 QP)
Requires: New Beginnings
  • Possessor of All - Platinum: Annex all Foreign Territories
  • Overlord - Gold: Annex 6 Foreign Territories
  • Dominator - Silver: Annex 4 Foreign Territories
  • Usurper - Bronze: Annex 2 Foreign Territories

Fame Kingdom AmbitionFame (50 QP)
Requires: Imperial Domination (Silver)

  • I'm Going to Live Forever - Platinum: Reach 700 Renown
  • Household Name - Gold: Reach 500 Renown
  • Almost Famous - Silver: Reach 350 Renown
  • Small Fry - Bronze: Reach 200 Renown

Safe and Sound Kingdom AmbitionSafe and Sound (40 QP)
Requires: Imperial Domination (Gold)

  • Wealthy Fortress - Platinum: Have Security and Well-being at level 12
  • Safety in Numbers - Gold: Have Security and Well-being at level 10
  • Healthier than Most - Silver: Have Security and Well-being at level 8
  • Basic Protection - Bronze: Have Security and Well-being at level 4

Hard Workers Kingdom AmbitionHard Workers (75 QP)
Requires: No Quest for the Weary

  • Best of the Best - Platinum: Have 10 Heroes at level 10
  • Professional Mastery - Gold: Have 10 Heroes at level 8 or above
  • Good at What I Do - Silver: Have 10 Heroes at level 5 or above
  • No Longer Apprentices - Bronze: Have 5 Heroes at level 5

Thoughts and Prayers Kingdom AmbitionThoughts and Prayers (40 QP)
Requires: No Quest for the Weary

  • Cultural Mecca - Platinum: Have Knowledge and Culture at level 12
  • Mentally Fulfilled - Gold: Have Knowledge and Culture at level 10
  • Thinkers and Doers - Silver: Have Knowledge and Culture at level 8
  • Start of Something Big - Bronze: Have Knowledge and Culture at level 4

Efficient Expander Kingdom AmbitionEfficient Expander (50 QP)
Requires: Thoughts and Prayers (Silver) and Hard Workers (Gold)

  • Rainy Day RP Fund - Platinum: Reach 650 Renown with at least 75 RP Left
  • Strategic Expander - Gold: Reach 450 Renown with at least 50 RP Left
  • Expansion on a Budget - Silver: Reach 300 Renown with at least 25 RP Left
  • Easy Expansion - Bronze: Reach 200 Renown

Wealthy Populace Kingdom AmbitionWealthy Populace (60 QP)
Requires: Hard Workers (Silver)

  • Spread the Wealth - Platinum: Have 10 Sims with at least 7,500 Simoles
  • Money, Money, Money - Gold: Have 8 Sims with at least $6,500 Simoles
  • Glass Half Wealthy - Silver: Have 5 Sims with at least $6,500 Simoles
  • More Than Just a Living - Bronze: Have 5 Sims with at least $5,000 Simoles

Best in Show Kingdom AmbitionBest in Show (50 QP)
Requires: Safe and Sound (Gold) and Thoughts and Prayers (Gold)

  • As Good as it Gets - Platinum: Have All Aspects at level 12
  • Aspect Respect - Gold: Have All Aspects at level 10 or above.
  • Halfway There - Silver: Have All Aspects at level 6 or above.
  • Lil' Empire That Could - Bronze: Have All Aspects at level 4 or above.

Legendary Kingdom AmbitionLegen (Wait for it) Dary (50 QP)
Requires: Fame (Gold) and Safe and Sound (Silver)

  • Flawless - Platinum: Have 5 Sims with Legendary Traits
  • We are Legends - Gold: Have 4 Sims with Legendary Traits
  • Twice a Hero - Silver: Have 2 Sims with Legendary Traits
  • A Few Good Sims - Bronze: Have 1 Sim with a Legendary Trait

Filled Coffers Kingdom AmbitionFilled Coffers (60 QP)

  • Swimming in Gold - Platinum: Have 80,000 Simoles across all Professions
  • A Golden Age - Gold: Have 65,000 Simoles across all Professions
  • A Small Fortune - Silver: Acquire 50,000 Simoles across all Professions
  • Enough to Get By - Bronze: Acquire 25,000 Simoles across all Professions