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The Sims Medieval Hero List

Information on Heroes' Professions and Class Comparison

This is a list of all Hero jobs in The Sims Medieval. The list links to all hero strategy guides and provides a quick summary of what the class can do. You'll also see how much their career's daily salary is at levels 1-10. This pay range is helpful as a comparison tool, and may direct you toward creating your next hero.

Patch 1.3.13 - Heroes can Level past 10
The Hero leveling system in Medieval has seen a hefty update. Now, when pursuing Free Time Quests at the end of an Ambition, Heroes can continue to gain experience and reach level 10. Also, when playing a Hero that is already maxed out, the system will work much like Careers in The Sims 3. They will gain bonus levels, which will raise their daily income (the money they make when not being played). This will contribute loads to Kingdom wealth. Additionally, they'll get better success rates on any Hero interactions that are focus-driven. So your Wizard will fail less often at spellcasting, Spies will pickpocket successfully, Priests will succeed in conversions, etc. etc.

Monarch Hero CareerMonarch
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $28-$1133+
Job Description: Your Kingdom's King or Queen. Their job is to pass edicts to improve relations with foreign lands, hear the petitions of the people, and rule on high from the Castle. Monarchs can hunt and skillfully engage in swordplay, much like the Medieval rulers they represent. They are involved in many quests and frequently play a supporting role to another primary Hero.

Bard Hero CareerBard
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $22-$411
Job Description: Bards are the entertainers of The Sims Medieval. They can write poems, sing songs, and even perform plays. They gain their inspiration by talking to other Sims and surveying their surroundings. They are quite capable of making good money and will be one of the easiest hero types to level because of their lute-playing.

Blacksmith Hero CareerBlacksmith
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $25-$478
Job Description: A Blacksmith's job is to supply your Kingdom with Armor and Weaponry. They possess the most extensive crafting options of any class in The Sims Medieval. They're able to mine gems and metals to meet this end. Having a high level blacksmith in the Kingdom will allow your fighting heroes to purchase better gear. They can even be used to pass on to your champions the best gear available in the game.

Jacoban Priest Hero CareerJacoban Priest
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $30-$563
Job Description: Jacobans take the fire and brimstone approach to preaching about the Watcher. They make a profession of absolving sins, deliver fearful sermons and cast Watcher's Touch and Watcher's Blessing. Their cathedral and quests can bring a hefty cultural boost to the Kingdom.

Knight Hero CareerKnight
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $30-$587
Job Description: Knights are the career guardians of your Kingdom. They can sword fight and equip weapons and armor. They're a very straightforward class that isn't very challenging to master. They are able to go on patrols that will aid your Kingdom in maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations. Bringing in a Barracks and doing Knight quests early can help soldiers to do their sole job: to keep your citizens safe from bandits.

Merchant Hero CareerMerchant
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $32-$611
Job Description: Merchants are the expert traders of the Sims Medieval land. They have a unique leveling feature that increases their profession's profit margin when selling items. They can sell anything through the market stall, butter up customers, and corner them into a sale. They make gobs of XP for sales. Read this guide to see just how much dough a Merchant can make.

Peteran Priest Hero CareerPeteran Priest
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $19-$365
Job Description: Bring the Watcher to your people with the peace and love approach. Their sermons are more complicated than that of the Jacoban, and can earn good money by pleasing their patrons with just the right type of lecture. They can grant the Blessing of the Watcher and Watcher's Touch. They can sell their religious writings unlike the Jacobans, which gives them an extra way to make money.

Physician Hero CareerPhysician
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $29-$537
Job Description: Physicians provide healing when grave injury or illness has stricken your other Heroes. They're capable of making decent money and getting one early will help your other heroes throughout the lifetime of your Kingdom. Physician quests generally offer Well-being aspect rewards, which can give you bigger Simole payouts for completing quests.

Spy Hero CareerSpy
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $27-$537
Job Description: Spies are the sneaky agents of the Monarch, and make a career of doing nasty things to other Sims. They can affect diplomatic relations by patroling roads and seaways. You cannot get a Spy Hero in your Kingdom until you've made 60 renown, as the Spy Quarters requires the Reception Hall to be in place to appear as a construction option. Spies can earn money by pickpocketing an crafting poisons. This guide features a list of poisons they can create, along with the required ingredients. Spies can collect ingredients from bushes to brew up some very unique drinks.

Wizard Hero CareerWizard
Pay Range Levels 1-10: $28-$529
Job Description: Wizards are the spellcasters of The Sims Medieval. They can memorize spells and cast them on themselves and other Sims. They're required to input a combination of runes and can only memorize so many spells. Learn all about the Wizard in this guide and unlock some spells that aren't in your list! The Wizard Hero's job in the Kingdom is to gather herbs and supply potions to any customers.