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The Sims Medieval Blacksmith Hero Class Guide

Armor and Weapon Crafting List, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession

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Two Blacksmith Sims hammer away on the anvil after heating their equipment on the forge

Hero Overview
Blacksmiths supply the Knights, Spies, and King or Queen of Kingdom with better weapons and armor. They're one of the only Hero Professions that can mine minerals and gems from exposed rocks throughout the land. The Blacksmith class offers the most extensive range of crafting recipes available to the player. They can make weapons, armor, hammers, kingball paddles, and staves. In this Guide to the Blacksmith, I'll teach you about crafting gear for your other Heroes and making money through the Smithy.

Leveling the Blacksmith
Blacksmiths will gain experience rapidly through quests like all other Heroes. However, their profession allows them the chance to gain xp while crafting equipment. While using the Forge and Anvil, a steady stream of experience will come in. They also gain levels while mining for metals throughout the Kingdom. Gaining levels allows smiths to learn new weapon and armor recipes, and unlocks special crafting manuals that can be found throughout your adventure.

Hammers in general require fewer resources than other Crafted items, so they're a good choice for raising your level. See below for a little information about using the Market stall. For each sale you make through this method, the Blacksmith will earn 150 experience.

Earning Money as a Blacksmith
Blacksmiths are one of the more limited hero professions in their means of money making. They don't get any exploration options other than to take a stroll through the forest. That's not to say they're poor at it. In fact, Blacksmith can be one of the most profitable classes in the game. If you sell a piece of crafted equipment through the inventory, it's often worth more than the materials used in the recipe to make it.

Blacksmiths can sell items through the market stall outside the Smithy much like the Merchant. While they don't benefit from huge profit margins like the Merchant, it is a decent way to make money. Use the Butter Up and Hustle interactions to improve the odds of making a sale, then click Convince to buy to seal the deal. It works best when convince is green. Having traits like Eloquent on your Sim which provide a social boost can help with making these sales. You'll earn money and 150XP per sale!

The Smithy
Adding a Smithy building to your Kingdom will increase Security capacity by +3. Completing Quests and filling that out will reduce the number of muggings in the Kingdom, while simultaneously making purchases of goods at the Village Shoppe and elsewhere more affordable due to decreased caravan security requirements. The Smithy itself houses the required Forge and Anvil a Blacksmith needs to get the job done. There's a basic bed and cooking pot as well. It's not a bad idea to add some decor to the main room, so that your Sim will be in a better mood while Blacksmithing.

A Blacksmith Mining a Rich Ore Deposit in The Sims Medieval

Transferring Gear to Heroes and Materials to Blacksmith
If you make a powerful weapon, like the Legendary Doomsword, you can pass it to your other Hero while controlling the Blacksmith. The target Hero does not have to be active at the time. They'll have the weapon or armor in their inventory later. To do this, drag the gear from your Blacksmith's inventory on top of another Sim. Likewise, to give Blacksmiths materials like Mystic Metal fragments, or the Doomsword blade or hilt, drag from the Hero's inventory to the Blacksmith. If you need to find the Sim, keep an eye out in their area. For example, a Knight will eventually return to the Barracks.

Good Traits for Blacksmiths
Earthy is a great Trait for any collector, including the Blacksmith. It will give them better mining finds, and provides a focus buff when outdoors that does include the time spent outside selling goods. Adventurous might be a good idea for allowing another method of getting Mystical Metal Fragments. Those are only obtainable through random encounters while doing rabbit hole exploration like adventuring in the forest or sailing. Excitable and Natural Cook are also good selections for most Sims.

For a Fatal Flaw, do not select Hubris. Your Sim will be full of himself and take a mood hit almost every time he picks something up. Weak Constitution is a horrible idea as well , as the physical exertion will quickly tank the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith Interface doesn't have to be confusingForging Equipment
Forging gear is a fairly simple affair. When you select the Forge option, a list of all known recipes will appear, with those you have ingredients for appearing first. Select an item, and the Smith will head off to the forge to heat the item. You can save some time and potential errors by stocking the Forge with coal before you begin. One click of 'Stock with Coal' will usually be enough to see a piece of equipment through to the end. There are three mechanics you need to know about for successfully smithing.

The first important thing is your Smithing Hammer. A Blacksmith with a powerful hammer will benefit from a faster progress bar. It will also increase the size of the error range when crafting. Upgrade your Hammer as soon as you're able to improve results and get better-quality gear, which sells at a higher price. Some gear will require the best hammer available to you for it to be forged successfully. Shoot for Excellent or Legendary quality hammers, especially with the high level ones. This will increase the number of errors you're allowed before an item loses quality.

During the Forging Process, you'll see a Heat bar. This bar should never hit the blue or red regions. You can prevent items from overheating or getting too cool. During the initial heating process, click the anvil and select "Hammer Metal" just before the bar enters the red zone. Likewise, you can manually tell the Smith to apply heat by clicking the forge. I've taken a screenshot of the sweet spot for getting too cold to show this point. Avoid hitting the cold spot (the metal is too cool) by clicking "Heat Metal" once the bar has dipped one lower than the H in Heat.

The ability to heat and stop heating items on the fly is the reason it's impossible to queue actions after selecting forge. The Smith will cancel the forging. During the crafting process, when the heat bar hits red or blue, the quality of the item will drop by just a little bit. The red area of the quality bar gives you legendary items, while dark grey will provide Excellent. For some items, such as Mana's Edge, getting Legendary Quality requires making no errors during the forging process (note the red zone in the shot above).

Smithing Apprentice
He's supposed to be there to help you, but the Apprentice will often get in the way. You can't really get rid of him, so it's better to just buy another forge and anvil to keep him from getting in the way. You're working your way to forging an Angel's Talon and the stupid Apprentice pops up to cause you a hit in quality from the item going cool. It's really unavoidable. I think in my future games, I might skip the Apprentice Quest entirely.

Blacksmith Daily Responsibilities

  • Successfully Mine 3 Times: Mine or Die might as well be the Blacksmith's motto. There are about four just around the house which can be gathered. If you save these spawners for when the responsibility comes up, they'll always be there to allow you to knock it out quickly. They aren't high grade minerals by any means. Check the beach far from the Port for one of the sweetest spots in the land.
  • Craft and Deliver a Crude Longsword, Crude Platemail, or Basic Staff: You may lack ingredients at first. If time is pressing, head to the Village Shoppe to get what you need. This will usually pay for itself. These are good objects to craft when raising your Blacksmithing level. When the responsibility comes up, if you have some on hand, all you need do is deliver them to complete it.
  • Fix and Deliver Broken Sword: Go to the Forge and select the Fixed Sword from the list of available recipes
  • Pay Taxes: Level 1-4 $100, 5-9 $250, 10 $500

Armor List

Higher defense is good, but you may find your Hero running out of stamina more if you have a heavy weapon AND heavy armor. Note that the best gear available gives high defense without much weight. I would never use a Plate Mail (Crude or regular).

Armor NameSmith LevelMetals NeededArmor StatWeight Stat
Crude Platemail1 4 cruddium, 5 ferrous 4 9
Chainmail1 7 ferrous 3 3
Bear Hide Armor1 2 bear meat 2 2
Ramshackle Chestguard1 7 cruddium 1 5
Plate Mail 2 3 cruddium, 8 ferrous5 8
Steel Plate Mail37 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 57
Advortonian Scale 54 electrum, 5 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 2
Knight's Plate 66 ferrous, 2 mithral, 3 phosphorous 5 6
Lord's Plate 72 azurite, 4 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous 6 6
Adamantle Battleplate 84 adamantle, 4 electrum, 6 mithral 6 4
Darkstone Bulwark 92 azurite, 7 mana stones, 7 mithral 7 5
Doomplate 104 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 mysterious metal fragments, 1 unicorn horn 10 5
Angelsguard103 electrum, 5 mana stones, 8 mithral, 4 mystic metal fragments 9 1

Weapon List

Weight makes weapons harder to swing, so you'll get more hits in with a light weapon. Try to find a nice balance between power and weight.

All of the normal weapons, like Steel Longsword and Precise Scimitars, can be upgraded with the fiery enchantment, which will increase attack power by one. This is helpful but somewhat costly. You can buy Flame Sword Enchantments from the Wizard.

Weapon NameSmith LevelMetals NeededAttack PowerWeight Stat
Crude Longsword15 cruddium 0 8
Untempered Longsword12 cruddium, 3 ferrous 1 6
Longsword1 5 ferrous 3 5
Greatsword2 3 cruddium, 6 ferrous510
Steel Longsword 45 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 5
Embossed Longsword52 adamantle, 2 electrum, 3 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 4
Precise Scimitar 64 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous 3 1
Watcher's Blade6, recipe1 adamantle, 2 consecrated well water, 7 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 5 5
Sword of the Chinchilla6, recipe7 ferrous, 1 mana stone, 3 phosphorous66
Mithral Longsword 83 adamantle, 5 mithral 5 4
Mana's Edge 105 mana stones, 7 mithral 6 4
Angel's Talon10
Doomsword10, recipe 100
Fiery (Sword)21 Sword, 1 Flame Sword Enchantment+1

Smithing Hammer List

All Blacksmiths need to use the best hammer available to them. This will increase the number of errors they can make before an item falls in quality, essential for getting those Legendary items.

Hammer NameSmith LevelMetals NeededHammer Power
Cruddium Hammer15 cruddium 1
Ferrous Hammer12 cruddium, 5 ferrous 2
Steel Hammer35 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 4
Watcher's Hammer 5 3 adamantle, 3 electrum, 4 mithral6
Angelshammer 82 adamantle, 2 azurite, 3 mana stones, 5 mithral, 1 mystic metal fragment 10

Kingball Paddles List

Higher-power Kingball Paddles will improve your win rate in games.

Paddle NameSmith LevelMetals NeededPaddle Power
Rustic Paddle13 ferrous 1
Expert Paddle 22 electrum, 2 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4
Excalipaddle 52 adamantle, 3 mithral 8

Stave List

While Blacksmiths can make these Staves, they cannot forge an item of Legendary Quality. Have your Wizard forge his own staves for best effect. However, a Doomstaff will always have 10 power regardless of Quality. Higher power on staves will improve your Wizard's success when casting spells.

Stave NameSmith LevelMetals NeededStave Power
Basic Staff1 1 cruddium 1
Staff of the Watcher33 electrum, 3 ferrous, 1 wizard's staff core 3
Staff of Indeterminate Evil 54 mithral, 2 phosphorous, 1 wizard's staff core 5
Magical Staff 63 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 wizard's staff cores 7
Doomstaff 93 adamantle, 1 arcane edge, 2 mana stones, 7 soul shards, 2 wizard's staff cores 10