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The Sims Medieval Blacksmith Hero Class Guide

Armor and Weapon Crafting List, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession

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Two Blacksmith Sims hammer away on the anvil after heating their equipment on the forge

Hero Overview
Blacksmiths supply the Knights, Spies, and King or Queen of Kingdom with better weapons and armor. They're one of the only Hero Professions that can mine minerals and gems from exposed rocks throughout the land. The Blacksmith class offers the most extensive range of crafting recipes available to the player. They can make weapons, armor, hammers, kingball paddles, and staves. In this Guide to the Blacksmith, I'll teach you about crafting gear for your other Heroes and making money through the Smithy.

Leveling the Blacksmith
Blacksmiths will gain experience rapidly through quests like all other Heroes. However, their profession allows them the chance to gain xp while crafting equipment. While using the Forge and Anvil, a steady stream of experience will come in. They also gain levels while mining for metals throughout the Kingdom. Gaining levels allows smiths to learn new weapon and armor recipes, and unlocks special crafting manuals that can be found throughout your adventure.

Hammers in general require fewer resources than other Crafted items, so they're a good choice for raising your level. See below for a little information about using the Market stall. For each sale you make through this method, the Blacksmith will earn 150 experience.

Earning Money as a Blacksmith
Blacksmiths are one of the more limited hero professions in their means of money making. They don't get any exploration options other than to take a stroll through the forest. That's not to say they're poor at it. In fact, Blacksmith can be one of the most profitable classes in the game. If you sell a piece of crafted equipment through the inventory, it's often worth more than the materials used in the recipe to make it.

Blacksmiths can sell items through the market stall outside the Smithy much like the Merchant. While they don't benefit from huge profit margins like the Merchant, it is a decent way to make money. Use the Butter Up and Hustle interactions to improve the odds of making a sale, then click Convince to buy to seal the deal. It works best when convince is green. Having traits like Eloquent on your Sim which provide a social boost can help with making these sales. You'll earn money and 150XP per sale!

The Smithy
Adding a Smithy building to your Kingdom will increase Security capacity by +3. Completing Quests and filling that out will reduce the number of muggings in the Kingdom, while simultaneously making purchases of goods at the Village Shoppe and elsewhere more affordable due to decreased caravan security requirements. The Smithy itself houses the required Forge and Anvil a Blacksmith needs to get the job done. There's a basic bed and cooking pot as well. It's not a bad idea to add some decor to the main room, so that your Sim will be in a better mood while Blacksmithing.

A Blacksmith Mining a Rich Ore Deposit in The Sims Medieval

Transferring Gear to Heroes and Materials to Blacksmith
If you make a powerful weapon, like the Legendary Doomsword, you can pass it to your other Hero while controlling the Blacksmith. The target Hero does not have to be active at the time. They'll have the weapon or armor in their inventory later. To do this, drag the gear from your Blacksmith's inventory on top of another Sim. Likewise, to give Blacksmiths materials like Mystic Metal fragments, or the Doomsword blade or hilt, drag from the Hero's inventory to the Blacksmith. If you need to find the Sim, keep an eye out in their area. For example, a Knight will eventually return to the Barracks.

Good Traits for Blacksmiths
Earthy is a great Trait for any collector, including the Blacksmith. It will give them better mining finds, and provides a focus buff when outdoors that does include the time spent outside selling goods. Adventurous might be a good idea for allowing another method of getting Mystical Metal Fragments. Those are only obtainable through random encounters while doing rabbit hole exploration like adventuring in the forest or sailing. Excitable and Natural Cook are also good selections for most Sims.

For a Fatal Flaw, do not select Hubris. Your Sim will be full of himself and take a mood hit almost every time he picks something up. Weak Constitution is a horrible idea as well , as the physical exertion will quickly tank the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith Interface doesn't have to be confusingForging Equipment
Forging gear is a fairly simple affair. When you select the Forge option, a list of all known recipes will appear, with those you have ingredients for appearing first. Select an item, and the Smith will head off to the forge to heat the item. You can save some time and potential errors by stocking the Forge with coal before you begin. One click of 'Stock with Coal' will usually be enough to see a piece of equipment through to the end. There are three mechanics you need to know about for successfully smithing.

The first important thing is your Smithing Hammer. A Blacksmith with a powerful hammer will benefit from a faster progress bar. It will also increase the size of the error range when crafting. Upgrade your Hammer as soon as you're able to improve results and get better-quality gear, which sells at a higher price. Some gear will require the best hammer available to you for it to be forged successfully. Shoot for Excellent or Legendary quality hammers, especially with the high level ones. This will increase the number of errors you're allowed before an item loses quality.

During the Forging Process, you'll see a Heat bar. This bar should never hit the blue or red regions. You can prevent items from overheating or getting too cool. During the initial heating process, click the anvil and select "Hammer Metal" just before the bar enters the red zone. Likewise, you can manually tell the Smith to apply heat by clicking the forge. I've taken a screenshot of the sweet spot for getting too cold to show this point. Avoid hitting the cold spot (the metal is too cool) by clicking "Heat Metal" once the bar has dipped one lower than the H in Heat.

The ability to heat and stop heating items on the fly is the reason it's impossible to queue actions after selecting forge. The Smith will cancel the forging. During the crafting process, when the heat bar hits red or blue, the quality of the item will drop by just a little bit. The red area of the quality bar gives you legendary items, while dark grey will provide Excellent. For some items, such as Mana's Edge, getting Legendary Quality requires making no errors during the forging process (note the red zone in the shot above).

Smithing Apprentice
He's supposed to be there to help you, but the Apprentice will often get in the way. You can't really get rid of him, so it's better to just buy another forge and anvil to keep him from getting in the way. You're working your way to forging an Angel's Talon and the stupid Apprentice pops up to cause you a hit in quality from the item going cool. It's really unavoidable. I think in my future games, I might skip the Apprentice Quest entirely.

Blacksmith Daily Responsibilities

  • Successfully Mine 3 Times: Mine or Die might as well be the Blacksmith's motto. There are about four just around the house which can be gathered. If you save these spawners for when the responsibility comes up, they'll always be there to allow you to knock it out quickly. They aren't high grade minerals by any means. Check the beach far from the Port for one of the sweetest spots in the land.
  • Craft and Deliver a Crude Longsword, Crude Platemail, or Basic Staff: You may lack ingredients at first. If time is pressing, head to the Village Shoppe to get what you need. This will usually pay for itself. These are good objects to craft when raising your Blacksmithing level. When the responsibility comes up, if you have some on hand, all you need do is deliver them to complete it.
  • Fix and Deliver Broken Sword: Go to the Forge and select the Fixed Sword from the list of available recipes
  • Pay Taxes: Level 1-4 $100, 5-9 $250, 10 $500

Armor List

Higher defense is good, but you may find your Hero running out of stamina more if you have a heavy weapon AND heavy armor. Note that the best gear available gives high defense without much weight. I would never use a Plate Mail (Crude or regular).

Armor NameSmith LevelMetals NeededArmor StatWeight Stat
Crude Platemail1 4 cruddium, 5 ferrous 4 9
Chainmail1 7 ferrous 3 3
Bear Hide Armor1 2 bear meat 2 2
Ramshackle Chestguard1 7 cruddium 1 5
Plate Mail 2 3 cruddium, 8 ferrous5 8
Steel Plate Mail37 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 57
Advortonian Scale 54 electrum, 5 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 2
Knight's Plate 66 ferrous, 2 mithral, 3 phosphorous 5 6
Lord's Plate 72 azurite, 4 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous 6 6
Adamantle Battleplate 84 adamantle, 4 electrum, 6 mithral 6 4
Darkstone Bulwark 92 azurite, 7 mana stones, 7 mithral 7 5
Doomplate 104 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 mysterious metal fragments, 1 unicorn horn 10 5
Angelsguard103 electrum, 5 mana stones, 8 mithral, 4 mystic metal fragments 9 1

Weapon List

Weight makes weapons harder to swing, so you'll get more hits in with a light weapon. Try to find a nice balance between power and weight.

All of the normal weapons, like Steel Longsword and Precise Scimitars, can be upgraded with the fiery enchantment, which will increase attack power by one. This is helpful but somewhat costly. You can buy Flame Sword Enchantments from the Wizard.

Weapon NameSmith LevelMetals NeededAttack PowerWeight Stat
Crude Longsword15 cruddium 0 8
Untempered Longsword12 cruddium, 3 ferrous 1 6
Longsword1 5 ferrous 3 5
Greatsword2 3 cruddium, 6 ferrous510
Steel Longsword 45 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 5
Embossed Longsword52 adamantle, 2 electrum, 3 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 4
Precise Scimitar 64 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous 3 1
Watcher's Blade6, recipe1 adamantle, 2 consecrated well water, 7 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 5 5
Sword of the Chinchilla6, recipe7 ferrous, 1 mana stone, 3 phosphorous66
Mithral Longsword 83 adamantle, 5 mithral 5 4
Mana's Edge 105 mana stones, 7 mithral 6 4
Angel's Talon10
Doomsword10, recipe 100
Fiery (Sword)21 Sword, 1 Flame Sword Enchantment+1

Smithing Hammer List

All Blacksmiths need to use the best hammer available to them. This will increase the number of errors they can make before an item falls in quality, essential for getting those Legendary items.

Hammer NameSmith LevelMetals NeededHammer Power
Cruddium Hammer15 cruddium 1
Ferrous Hammer12 cruddium, 5 ferrous 2
Steel Hammer35 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 4
Watcher's Hammer 5 3 adamantle, 3 electrum, 4 mithral6
Angelshammer 82 adamantle, 2 azurite, 3 mana stones, 5 mithral, 1 mystic metal fragment 10

Kingball Paddles List

Higher-power Kingball Paddles will improve your win rate in games.

Paddle NameSmith LevelMetals NeededPaddle Power
Rustic Paddle13 ferrous 1
Expert Paddle 22 electrum, 2 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4
Excalipaddle 52 adamantle, 3 mithral 8

Stave List

While Blacksmiths can make these Staves, they cannot forge an item of Legendary Quality. Have your Wizard forge his own staves for best effect. However, a Doomstaff will always have 10 power regardless of Quality. Higher power on staves will improve your Wizard's success when casting spells.

Stave NameSmith LevelMetals NeededStave Power
Basic Staff1 1 cruddium 1
Staff of the Watcher33 electrum, 3 ferrous, 1 wizard's staff core 3
Staff of Indeterminate Evil 54 mithral, 2 phosphorous, 1 wizard's staff core 5
Magical Staff 63 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 wizard's staff cores 7
Doomstaff 93 adamantle, 1 arcane edge, 2 mana stones, 7 soul shards, 2 wizard's staff cores 10


i appreciate if someone help me out.
During the Forging Process, the Heat bar is always in blue region and there is no heating process, what should i do !?
5th May 2011 3:57pm
1. Stock the forge with the materials needed (Ferrous, etc.)

2. Stock the forge with coal.

3. Click the forge and select "Forge". This will bring up a list of the items you can make.

4. Select an item. Your smith will pump the bellows a few times to get the heat up, and then will grab some metal from the barrel. At that point, watch your heat bar rise until it's just below the red zone. I usually click on the anvil and hover my cursor over the "Hammer Metal" option.

5. When your smith begins hammering, click on the forge and hover your cursor over "Heat Metal". Watch the heat slider, and when it drops into the bottom one third of the gold zone, click "Heat Metal". Your smith will turn around and re-heat the metal. Rinse and repeat until the project is finished.

The first thing you should do is to find the Ferrous nodes close by and mine them. You'll need some Ferrous and some Cruddium. Cruddium can be found in ANY node. Once you have the materials, make you a Ferrous Hammer. THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU MAKE!

NOTE: Watch your forge carefully while crafting. Once it's stocked with coal, you'll see a pile of coal in the forge on the right. As the coal is used up, the pile will shrink. When you see it shrink, heat your project into the top half of the gold portion of the heat bar. Once it's hot enough to stand the delay, click the forge and stock it with more coal. If you do it this way, the metal will not have time to cool enough to cause a "mistake".

Good luck :)

8th May 2011 3:59pm
maybe u need to put coal in the stove ;)
9th October 2011 8:41pm
If none of the above work than try moveing your forge.You have to be able to make contact with the right side of forge.(Thats what happened to me.)
24th December 2011 3:39am
im sorry but ,i do exaclty what u say ,..after the smith pump the belows,.. an item " tongs with heated metal rod" added to my inventory ,.. but the heatbar is still on blue,.. i have 2 choice;1-continue forging: in that case smith begin to pump the below, but nothing happend , like a loop,..2: hammering metal, but the metal stil cold
and when i choice stock with coal,. does the smith do something special? my smith start to nag ,. nothing happend, and i didt see the pile of coal on the wright of forge..
what i miss ?!
9th May 2011 10:07am
Look at the txt your smith is nagging about, maybe something is in his way. Check out if there is something standing next to your forge. If there is, the smith can't stock the forge with coal. If there's no forge, you can't heat up the iron.
Good luck!
17th May 2011 4:27pm
The Angel's Talon sword recipe is 10 Mythril, 3 Mystical Metal Fragments

Stats - Attack:8 Weight: 3

9th May 2011 4:02pm

Did you happen to move your Forge at all? The Smith needs clear access to the right side to add Coal. If you are clicking "Stock with Coal" and the character doesn't go to the right side and dump coal into the hopper, and the right side is clear of obstructions, then you have a nasty bug. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and should check the EA forums to see if others have the same problem. Sorry for your frustration :(

17th May 2011 6:15pm
Some additional tips:

If you stock the forge with coal several times, it takes much longer to run out. The coal "stacks" when it is added, so to speak.

When you can, make Greatswords at full Focus and sell them in your stall. I know the design of the Smith's stall is a PITA. You're trying to sell your merchandise and the guy you just buttered up and hustled walks away because there are 2 more customers bending over the stall, browsing. Keep at it though. Even if it looks like your customer is just standing there. Unless he actually walks away, you will eventually sell him some merchandise. He's just waiting for the crowd to clear away from the stall. You can't beat that +150 XP, and a Legendary Greatsword sells for 350 Simoles. It also only takes one forge cycle (6 ferrous, 2 phosphoros) to make them, with Steel Hammer or better.

And the best tip of all: Once you have added the Merchant, make sure you have him/her buy the items they sell at the Market from your Smith. That money goes in the Smith's pocket, instead of the game swallowing it. It's a BIG win-win situation. The Smith and the Merchant both get rich ;) In fact, I usually have those two get married, LOL.

17th May 2011 6:23pm
How can i get my merchant to Buy the item from the blacksmith. I can't buy any good from his blacksmith stall. I just recently started playing but I think the new patch mentioned something about not being able to buy stuff from your hero sims. Like i can't go buy stuff from my merchant stall either when i'm playing a different sim. So is this still possible to buy armor / weapons from blacksmith and sell them in my merchant stalls?
20th May 2011 5:48pm
How can i get my merchant to Buy the item from the blacksmith. I can't buy any good from his blacksmith stall. I just recently started playing but I think the new patch mentioned something about not being able to buy stuff from your hero sims. Like i can't go buy stuff from my merchant stall either when i'm playing a different sim. So is this still possible to buy armor / weapons from blacksmith and sell them in my merchant stalls?
20th May 2011 9:00pm
im playing the quest to befriend the dragon and im using the wizard and the blacksmith. i dont have a merchant yet. how can i get the gems for the blacksmith. theres nothing available when i click the ship or the signs for the forest and village shop. i do have the barley to trade in his inventory. im probably going to have a "duh" moment when you tell me the answer. :) thanks.
17th May 2011 8:42pm
Well I haven't done that quest yet but since you mentioned barley. Tredony (?) will trade 1 gem for 6 barley if you stock the boat with the 6 barley and then sail to tredony after it's in the cargo hold. When you have something in cargo and click sail to your map will pop up and hovering over the different area's you will see what the other area's will trade. Crafthole will trade you 1 wood for 2 mushrooms.
20th May 2011 5:41pm
RJ: like what RIN said, he doesn't have a merchant thus he can't trade by boat.

RIN: best solution is to mine for gems. both the wizard & blacksmith are able to mine them

21st January 2013 10:09am
Has anyone else had a hard time completing the Blacksmith Badge in the Quest for the Seven Mechanical Arts? The quest message prompts me to make the final badge, but when I go to the forge, forging the final badge is grayed out and when I hover it shows I'm missing the blacksmith's badge. I'm level 5. Is there a level requirement for that badge? This is my last quest before I unlock my second watcher level, and I really don't want to start again.
23rd May 2011 1:50pm
vadim zuz
It's quite common bug with one of the badges disappearing (so you don't have all badges in inventory and can not forge last item). Did you have a latest game patch?
24th May 2011 8:32am
Yuyay Here
have you tried the village shoppe?
please check your inventory. I do believe that the seventh and final badge is cooking ayt? So if you're missing the forge cooking it'll gray out. Just check things out in your inventory.
And an additional info, the Doomsday hilt can only be found in an event when you JUMP INTO THE PIT.
25th May 2011 6:24am
Has anybody a clue where one finds scrap metal? I'm doing a quest with the Peteran Priest as secondary character and the Blacksmith has to repair a cooking utensil for the monarch's servant and in order to do so the blacksmith needs scrap metal.
28th May 2011 11:05pm
If you go to forge and scroll down it should be there. You have to forge 2 pieces then the Pot will show up in Forge Inventory and you can fix it.
30th May 2011 10:45am
@Anne: Already looked in forge, yet looked again, it's not in inventory, or forge, not in goods stall, not in market. Help please, this is my last quest to advance to next level.
7th June 2011 12:07am
How do you obtain the "arcane edge" in order to craft the Doomstaff? My Merchant and my blacksmith are both level ten, I've sail to every known trade site and cannot find such a thing. It also is not available at the market stall. And I have not seen any books available to make an arcane edge through crafting it. Please help, I would love to make this staff for my wizard.
8th June 2011 10:05am
i am desperatly trying to find it too and i know where to search. you have to explore the forest until you get a scenario where there is a guard, a bridge and something happens and somehow you get the edge. you will probably need the adventurous perk.
3rd August 2011 7:55pm
You need to do the Troll random event when you "Stroll through Forest"

When you get the option, pick to fight the troll, and with a bit of luck, you get the Arcanite Edge. I think it only happens with the wizard hero, though.

2nd November 2011 3:33pm
Sometimes when I get a "Craft and Deliver" responsibility, I'll have my blacksmith forge the item but when I go to deliver it there'll be a popup saying something about the customer being angry about an empty box, and it not being salvageable. It counts as a failed responsibility.
I'm absolutely positive it's the same item asked for. This happens out of the blue for me and if I have a "Craft and Deliver" responsibility for both slots, it's pretty much a lost cause as it effects both.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?
9th June 2011 4:25pm
I could be wrong but it seems you have to talk to the person a little before they will receive an actual item. Just like how most of the time you need to build some relationship before speaking to someone about a quest objective.
3rd July 2012 10:36pm
On the issue of the Apprentice getting in the way whilst crafting;
I've had success with simply placing a second Anvil rather than a whole Anvil and Forge combo.
I placed the second Anvil alongside the first at the same distance from the forge. Now it doesn't matter if the Apprentice is hammering something I just head for the other Anvil. I've not had any trouble being bottlenecked at the forge as the Apprentice seems to move out of the way there very quickly, or else is constantly yapping with bystanders.
10th June 2011 9:08am
There are 2 swords that are not listed. Trenfher and Balmur (or something like that). To forge them you need superior alloy. I have looked everywhere for some sign of how to make it and it is not a tradeable item with any other nation. Does anyone have any idea how/where to get superior alloy?
17th June 2011 8:58am
You learn how to make superior alloy through the quest cutting edge.
21st June 2011 6:37am
The Superior Alloy is a miscellaneous item in The Sims Medieval.

Its recipe is gained during the course of the quest Cutting Edge and is used in the crafting of several quest items. It can also be used in the crafting of Galatine, Seraphim, Balmung and Trenfher, whose recipes are gained after the quest, however, the recipe of the Superior Alloy itself is lost after the quest, so in order to be able to forge the swords after the quest, extra Superior Alloy (beyond the amount required to complete the quest) will have to be crafted before the quest ends.

31st August 2011 5:30pm
Hannah C
A note on XP gained on making a sale:

If you have "Fool" as your Fatal Flaw, the experience gained is 120 a sale, not 150. I would recommend against "Fool" as a Fatal Flaw if you intend to level up really quickly at the start, but I've found levelling up reasonably easy one I got the hang of the Blacksmith's responsibilities.

19th June 2011 4:29pm
thank you soo much Shawna.For some reason that quest has not come up on my queue yet.Does it require a wizard? its the 1 hero I havent made yet. Im anxious to make those swords because they will be the best.My level 10 blacksmith made angelsguard for my monarch and doomsplate for my knight and they have a jacob's tooth and a mana's edge. With my superior blacksmith, balmur and trenfer will have better stats than those 2 swords
22nd June 2011 7:27pm
where do you find or get mythril
22nd June 2011 3:34pm
i have same question
26th June 2011 12:04pm
You can get Mithral from in front of the Reception Hall, right next to the Peteran Church, where there is also a rich vein, where if you're lucky, you can get 4 or 5 mithral. There is also a spot near the Kingball court, and near the fallen tree near the Judgement Zone if I'm not mistaken.
29th August 2012 6:49pm
I am having a issue delievering my forged items when it is a responsibilty why is this? the item is made just not givin back?
23rd June 2011 10:32pm
Sometimes when I get a "Craft and Deliver" responsibility, I'll have my blacksmith forge the item but when I go to deliver it there'll be a popup saying something about the customer being angry about an empty box, and it not being salvageable. It counts as a failed responsibility.
I'm absolutely positive it's the same item asked for. This happens out of the blue for me and if I have a "Craft and Deliver" responsibility for both slots, it's pretty much a lost cause as it effects both.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?

this happens to me A lot why is this and how can i fix it

23rd June 2011 10:33pm
Does anybody know which quest unlocks the angel's talon and the doomsword? Its not on my blacksmith's forge queue.

John, his website has a guide to where to find metals and herbs, look on the lefthand side of the webpage

24th June 2011 6:20am
how do I unlock the Angel's talon?
26th June 2011 3:34am
Angels talons, doom sword, sword of the chinchilla, watchers blade, and tooth of Jacob are blackamithing manuals gained from random encounters in the forest or on the path to the village, at a cost of $250 for two.
12th July 2011 2:52pm
I can't find Mystical Metall Fragment, anyone now how to get it, do you need to trade or do a mission?
26th July 2011 9:10am
You get the Mystical Metal Fragments during rabbit hole encounters.

Rabbit Hole Encounters are those little story bits that appear when traveling through the woods or to the village, I am sure they happen else where but those are the only ones I have found available for the Blacksmith so far.

12th August 2011 12:40am
I found the easiest way to get mystical metal fragments, raptonium and a host of other miscellanious items from a parrot sent to find treasre. The falcon will find meat for those sims unable to hunt but I seriously recommend a parrot for every sim as it's a great way to boost cash. I was so lucky in one of my ambitions that on the first quest my monarch aquired a rare blue parrot on a rabbithole adventure and it brings back more stuff of value than ordinary parrots who 50% of the time give you a dead chincilla or something else useless.
13th March 2014 1:09am
Can anyone help me with how to get the doomsday sword parts, I've been down in the pit a million times and have gotten the blade but I can't seem to get anything else. My blacksmith is level ten and he even died one time down there and I had to make another one. Is there some kind of trick to this??
16th August 2011 3:33pm
Try it whith you knight and save every two times they go down there. I was able to get both items that way and by rolling right and staying to figh when they came up.
2nd September 2011 3:56am
I am in the 7 traits quest did all of them know I am stuck on the last one After my blacksmith went hunting in the forrest and got the meat,, now i have to make soup from that meat and the yeast that grew in my pocket but, I cannot make the soup, I have the required product it just tells me to make soup on the quest box but, I cant figure out how to actually make the soup. any suggestions
17th August 2011 12:07pm
Puny is also a bad choice for a flaw. They get a mood hit everytime they forge and (if i remember correctly) everytime they mine.
18th August 2011 2:04am
Ashley, the failed responsibility, that's part of the game. Unless they fixed it in v2.0.113 or whatever then you just have to deal with it. I find it annoying and stupid as well.

Jennifer, the doomsword parts are in different locations. You get the blade in the well, but the hilt is from, I think the forest? Possibly the sea when patrolling. I don't remember. If I find it again again I'll be sure to update here.

23rd August 2011 2:19pm
I had my poor knight jump in to the pit of judgment 5 times, third time she got the hilt, and the 5th time, she got the blade of the doomsword. I just transefered it to the Blacksmith. Naturally, i still dont have the recipy, but hopefully the tmerchant will be able to buy the book on one of her trips.
3rd September 2011 9:32am
Blacksmiths absolutely can forge legendary staves. The basic staff that you make for hedge wizards only seems to come in basic quality, but better ones can be legendary.
26th August 2011 1:48am
I don't know how to get the shiny stones to be used by the blacksmith can anyone help please.
Thank you
19th September 2011 4:14pm
Does anyone know how to find a "Mystic Metal Fragment"?
6th October 2011 7:28pm
There are several "mini-story dialog" boxes where answering the "correct" choice might net one a "Mystical Metal Fragment", as well as a few of the more rare treasure maps.

Note: some of the mini-stories, such as going/returning from the village shoppe or various sea missions, might have 2 similar versions of the stories (thus to confuse you from trying to memorize the correct answer each time). One can either try to memorize the slight variations or sit back and enjoy the roleplay of the situation as it unfolds, same thing with the treasure maps (they might be random, they might be fixed, does it matter?) Essentially, that is how you acquire them over time. Let's just say I've gotten 4-5 for each of two kingdoms so far, as a rough estimate.

Now a question I have:
the new "Pirates & Nobles" responsibility regarding crafting 2 bear hide armors, 2 boarding blades, 2 shackles, then put them into 3 crates and wait until you find the pirate to deliver them to the pirate. Once you put them into the crates, you have 15 hours to deliver them (ie, find the pirate). Unfortunately, the pirate seems rather shy and has remained hidden from view for over 12 hours (game time now 12pm)

Elsewhere on the internet:
(the only link I could find on the subject, asked a similar question: someone replied to wait until morning)

waited all night, as I mentioned, it's 12pm noon in game, I'm not connected with the above link in anyway, it was just research. I'm new to posting to this board; but, I've been researching here and reading along with my husband for about a month or two. (hi everyone) First post!

7th October 2011 12:28am
hidden items in the town square or the judgment zone? how do i find these items? what am i looking for?
7th December 2011 12:52pm
Can anyone tell me where I can find scrap metal
29th December 2011 8:51pm
My blacksmith is requested to repair a pirates boat. He is level 4, and I also have the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack. Everytime he is requested to do this, I fail. The boat shows up in my inventory, but no matter what I do it stays there, but when I try to move it anywhere a red circle with a slash through it shows up. How can I repair the boat please?
13th January 2012 6:54am
Go to your forge, fill it with coal, select forge, then cycle through your menu, and you will find the repair boat option.
3rd February 2012 5:16am
Princess Serenity
Hi my name is Princess Serenity. um I just wanted to ask you how can I get a dragon on The Sims Medieval PC Game? If you do know then please send me instructions and explain it to me in detail. I really want a pet Dragon.
21st January 2012 5:03am
Where do you get the chinchilla armor from for the chinilla armor of the watcher. I have been checking the village and the merchant and nothing?
28th January 2012 5:46am
Dawn McKinnis
where do you find the gems for the noble sword?
8th April 2012 2:38pm
I am trying to complete blacksmith apprentice quest I am at the part where I need to forge beginning tongs and hammer but I have a stressed buff that nothing seems to get rid of what am I missing or need to do to get on with quest?
10th April 2012 5:12am
where do you find the Flame Sword Enchantment?
20th April 2012 1:54am
You can buy the potion Flame Sword Enchantment at the Village Shops. High level wizards can also make it at the crafting table in their towers.
21st April 2012 5:00pm
Can you help me,I want to forge the Doomsword,I learned the recipe and got the hilt but can't find the blade,I jump in the pit like 10 times a day with no use.

any important tips??

25th April 2012 3:49pm
Where did you get thr book of doomsword? Anyway i think i jumped in the pit like 10 or 20 times i got the doomsword hilt and blade but the problemo is how do i get the book
22nd December 2012 4:42pm
I have the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack and my blacksmith can make several items without using any of the ores he has collected, including the Noble Lord armor. after I make the armor, I can not sell it, trade it, or equip it. I do not know what to do with it, and I wanted to give it to my monarch. Somebody know what I should do?
28th April 2012 10:25pm
Yeah, its useless, i don't know how to equip it i don't know its impossible.
12th May 2012 2:45am
UPDATE:I found a mod that adds ability to make the Monarch to use hammers and forge the things, Noble Lord Armor is now equipable.
23rd June 2012 12:03am
hi! the pirate & noble expansion has the bird variations! they're somewhat both useful and annoying! Still, I think these birds are good for smiths since they sometimes bring back good stuffs like tiny bones, dragon tooth, dead falcons, etc. Can anyone please make a guide for these birds? it'd be easier to find items! I'm sick of my birds bringing back frog and venison meats and trashs!
3rd June 2012 12:28pm
My Smithy is roll playing the king while the king is on vacation. He has the blacksmith inventory to complete the requests but always hands over an empty box. He forges good so what is up with empty boxes?
He also needs to buy the king a return gift and it does not show up at the Village Shoppe.
8th June 2012 4:16am
The empty boxes happens to me as well! though it's really rare! Perhaps it has something to do with fatal flaws! i never choose Fool trait for my smith! He crafts a lot and Fool trait screws up big time!

If the return gift does not show up, perhaps you haven't done other objectives! try to complete them and go to the shop again! Or skipping objectives by right click (cheat) also cause the quest to be unfulfillable!
Hope these helps!

9th June 2012 7:21am
How do you sweep the darn floor I am on the first quest to. Clean the floor I opted to do it myself and he won't sweep it. How do i get past this? I have been to the stocks once already.
15th July 2012 12:27am
Hi Tanval, I realize that you asked this question over three months ago and you've probably already figured it out, but to sweep the floor, you have to click on your sim at your home location! BTW. I'm just trying to pay it forward as I've found out a lot of information from various websites and I've figured out quite a bit on my own.
14th December 2012 9:01pm
where do i find the cruddium gem?
4th September 2012 10:00pm
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26th October 2012 7:55pm
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27th October 2012 8:18pm
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1st November 2012 6:08am
I've had this game for over a year now, i've only began playing it about a month ago cause I did not have the required video card, and I now play it extensively, i've got only a handful of watcher achievements to, well, achieve (cheats enabled). If anyone is in need of help, I'd be more than happy to provide you with information!
12th December 2012 5:34pm
I have a hammer anf I need to test it how do you test it?
18th January 2013 9:13pm
With the apprentice I usually get the Monarch to send them to the pit or get the spy to poison them.
1st June 2013 2:01pm
An excellent Blacksmith trait, alongside Earthy,is Unkempt. Smithing is a sweaty job, so you not only save bathing time, but also get a regular "enjoying the stench" buff!
1st December 2013 8:38am
You can sometimes get a mystical metal fragment (in the Pirates & Nobles update game) from sending a parrot to search for treasure. You get shiny stones during the mining process of any ore. Its a random thing I think. When you are merchanting with the Blacksmith, and a random blocks your new buyer at the stall, using the "Blacksmith" merchant option, click "compliment" with the person blocking your sale; he/she will move out of the way, and your sale can proceed.
6th December 2013 8:33pm
I cat figure out how to deliver a sword it won't tell me who itsfor other then a gahard and I click on the sword and only the sharpen option comes up and dose any one know what rock has currudeum if spent the whole Sim day looking for It to make a basic staff and can't find any I have two hours left
13th January 2014 4:57am
emilee, if the guard has gone home, then they won't have an icon. Make sure you made exactly the type of sword required (i.e. "longsword" is not the same as "crude longsword"). Cruddium is an extra material found when mining. Like bloodmoss and grassweed when collecting plants, cruddium will just appear in the announcement "has collected 2 electrum and 3 cruddium".
6th February 2014 1:02pm
Black Fairy
I maxed on the Blacksmith. So now, he has all great traits. And is super strong.
7th February 2014 11:09pm

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