Carl's Sims Medieval Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

The Sims Medieval Buildings and Locations Guide

A List of all Areas in Medieval with Info on What They Do

Buildings Overview
Adding new buildings to your Kingdom is a part of the process in The Sims Medieval. The primary purpose of buildings in the game is to unlock new Heroes. Secondarily, they will give your Kingdom more capacity for the four Aspects: Security, Well-being, Culture, and Knowledge. You will not see benefits immediately upon placing a new building. You'll just have more room for the aspect rewards you receive for completing quests.

Placing buildings requires RP, which are gained from completing Quests. The Watcher Pavilion, Kingball Court, Lighthouse, and Mill always cost 30 RP. The other buildings start cheap and grow more expensive the more of them you place. The first building is 10 RP, second 30. Buildings three and four will cost 40, five through seven, 50. It then caps at 60 RP for the rest of your building construction.

Now let's look at the list of buildings and what each will provide to your Kingdom. Note that all Hero-related buildings come with the objects required for them to do their job. I will not bother going into all that as we have guides for all Heroes. Also included in this list are the buildings and areas every Kingdom starts with, like the Forest and Village Shoppe.

The Sims Medieval Barracks BuildingBarracks
Unlocks: Knight, City Walls at 160 Renown
Capacity Increase: 4 Security
Additional Info: The Barracks brings with it a Training Yard near the Judgment Zone, where Knights and other fighters like the Monarch and Spy can access training dummies to gain experience and become combat-ready. City Walls will appear once the Kingdom has 8 bars of security aspect capacity, but the effect is cosmetic.

The Sims Medieval Clinic BuildingClinic
Unlocks: Physician
Capacity Increase: 4 Well-Being
Additional Info: So long as you create a Physician after placing this building, your other Heroes will be able to purchase basic medical supplies here.

The Sims Medieval Docks BuildingDocks
Unlocks: nothing
Capacity Increase: zilch
Additional Info: The Docks supports a variety of functions across the various Hero professions. Knights, Monarchs, and Spies can patrol the seas, and Merchants may trade. If the Sim has the Whale ate My Parents trait, it will also allow for Whale Hunts.

The Sims Medieval Forest ZoneForest
Unlocks: nothing
Capacity Increase: n/a
Additional Info: The Forest is much like the Docks. Some Heroes can patrol the road to other Kingdoms, good for improving relations. Still others may Hunt here, and Adventurous Sims can go on Adventures. Every Sim can take a stroll through the Woods, which will provide a positive focus buff and sometimes lead to random events.

The Sims Medieval Jacoban Cathedral BuildingJacoban Cathedral
Unlocks: Jacoban Priest
Capacity Increase: 1 Security, 3 Culture
Additional Info: Jacoban Priests will sometimes hold sermons, which can give your Heroes a positive buff if they listen in. They can also head there to be converted to the Jacoban Faith.

The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone BuildingJudgment Zone
Unlocks: nothing
Capacity Increase: nope
Additional Info: This is the place where the Monarch's punishments are put to effect. There are stocks, where Sims are locked up for various crimes and frequently get egg and tomato in the face. The Judgment Zone is also home to the Pit Beast, where Capital Punishment is delivered. Heroes can jump in the pit (dangerous, likely deadly with low focus) and will get a ton of XP if they survive. You can also get two parts to the Legendary Doomsword here. Go in with a high focus Hero and consider saving your game first. Heroes with red meat can also feed the beast and get a 24 Hour +5 Focus buff.

The Sims Medieval Kingball Court BuildingKingball Court
Unlocks: The game of Kingball
Capacity Increase: 1 Well-Being, 1 Security, 2 Culture
Additional Info: Kingball is the most fun to be had in the land. Playing here for a while can get Sims in a great mood, so long as they don't take a ball to the face. Buy better paddles from the Blacksmith and Village Shoppe to improve your Sim's chances of winning.

The Sims Medieval Lighthouse BuildingLighthouse
Unlocks: n/a
Capacity Increase: +2 Security, 1 Knowledge, 1 Culture
Additional Info: The Lighthouse is just a good way to improve your Kingdom's Aspect capacities and does nothing else.

The Sims Medieval Market BuildingMarket
Unlocks: Merchant
Capacity Increase: 2 Well-Being, 2 Knowledge
Additional Info: This is another shopping location for your Sims, so long as you make a Merchant.

The Sims Medieval Mill BuildingMill
Capacity Increase: 3 Well-Being, 1 Knowledge
Additional Info: The Mill makes the land look more developed and increases Aspect capacities, but nothing more.

The Sims Medieval Peteran Monastery BuildingPeteran Monastery
Unlocks: Peteran Priest
Capacity Increase: 3 Culture, 1 Knowledge
Additional Info: Like the Jacoban Cathedral, the Peteran Monastery provides a place to listen to the occasional sermon and gives Sims the chance to convert to the Peteran Faith.

The Sims Medieval Reception Hall Add-OnReception Hall
Unlocks: Spy Quarters, Loads of Diplomats
Capacity Increase: None
Additional Info: The Reception Hall is added on to your Castle at 60 Renown, and provides a place for large gatherings and diplomats to hang out. It is required this building be present before you can place a Spy Quarters.

The Sims Medieval Smithy BuildingSmithy
Unlocks: Blacksmith
Capacity Increase: +3 Security, +1 Culture
Additional Info: The Smithy provides weapons, armor, and kingball paddles to Sims whilst enabling you to make a Blacksmith. Be sure to do so even if you won't be playing him, so your other Heroes can purchase his low-level wares.

The Sims Medieval Spy Quarters Add-OnSpy Quarters
Unlocks: Spy
Capacity Increase: +2 Security, +2 Knowledge
Additional Info: Requires your Kingdom to have 60 Renown, as it needs a Reception Hall to connect it to the Castle. Otherwise, it's just there to let your Spy do his thing.

The Sims Medieval Tavern BuildingTavern
Unlocks: Bard
Capacity Increase: +1 Well-Being, +2 Culture, +1 Knowledge
Additional Info: Provides free drinks and the occasional show from the Bard.

The Sims Medieval Throne RoomThrone Room
Unlocks: n/a
Capacity Increase: none
Additional Info: The home of the Monarch, many events will happen here and there are useful objects for other Sims as well. It is the hub that connects the Barracks, Reception Hall, and Spy Quarters.

The Sims Medieval Town SquareTown Square
Unlocks: n/a
Capacity Increase: nada
Additional Info: The Town Square has a well and that's about it. Well water is free and will give your Heroes a short buff. It's better if the well water has been blessed by a Peteran or Jacoban or Medicated by the Physician.

The Sims Medieval Village ShoppeVillage Shoppe
Unlocks: none
Capacity Increase: none
Additional Info: Provides shopping for Sims. Head here to get better food and a large variety of other items. The road can also be patrolled by the Knight, Spy, and Monarch to improve diplomatic relationships with other Nations.

The Sims Medieval Watcher Pavilion BuildingWatcher Pavilion
Unlocks: none
Capacity Increase: 2 Well-Being, 1 Culture, 1 Knowledge
Additional Info: Unfortunately, this building does nothing more than increase your capacity. At least it makes the land look more developed.

The Sims Medieval Wizard's Tower BuildingWizard's Tower
Unlocks: Wizard
Capacity Increase: 4 Knowledge
Additional Info: Be sure to create a Wizard so your Sims can purchase at least the basic potions. More will be available for sale after you have leveled the Wizard. Wizards get the most peace and quiet of all Sims, as no one really goes to their building.