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The Sims Medieval Spy Hero Class Guide

Poisons, Leveling, and Earning Money With the Spy Profession

by Tom "Metro" Schlueter

Monarch | Bard | Blacksmith | Jacoban | Knight | Merchant | Peteran | Physician | Spy | Wizard

Hero Overview
Spies are very unique Heroes in Sims Medieval. In this Guide to the Spy, you'll learn that the Spy has a unique ability to help offset early money problems, solid Trait/Fatal Flaw choices, as well as mastering the interactions the make the Spy a fun Hero to play.

James Bond gets ready for The Witch is Back Quest. "I must telleth Q to maketh me a beatbox gun so I can kill that Weeyaaatch."

Leveling the Spy
Venturing out into the game world early on to collect the necessary ingredients for potions isn't a bad idea and will yield experience. You can also sell extra ingredients that are not needed. Training on the Spy Quarters Training Dummy, crafting, pickpocketing, writing secret documents at the scribe table-all of these things will assist your Spy in leveling. Of course, the most important thing is to gun for that shiny Platinum Medal while using the Spy as a Hero.

"I wish you were the real Lord Vincent, so I could strike you down and be reassigned. I hate my job!"

The only unique ability/unlock worth mentioning comes at level 5 when a Spy can steal from a Messenger Box. How cool is that? James Bond netted $237 from his first attempt on the Messenger Box outside the Throne Room...

"Time to visit Ye Olde Bank of James Bond. Mwahahaha."

So, aside from stealing from Messenger Boxes, increased Spy levels bring the typical benefits you'd expect - more combat moves and combat stances, increased chance of successful pickpocketing, better chance at crafting poisons, etc.

Earning Money as a Spy
While most Sims Medieval Heroes are scraping by at the beginning, Spies have some nice abilities to make things easier. At the get-go, Spies have a unique interaction with other Sims - pickpocket. And the interaction is hilarious (well, the first couple of times it is) with the Spy swiping a large bag of money right from the unlucky sap on the receiving end. This is unquestionably your quickest way to offset low funds at the beginning as a Spy. Quite often you'll receive pickpocket amounts in the $120 to $150 range. Be careful with Pickpocket if the target is yellow. If you fail, there's a high chance you'll go off to the stocks. Raise that focus through good buffs and you'll improve your chances.

Another great income source is making one of the many available poisons and simply selling them if they're not needed for a Quest or Daily Responsibility. Like the Monarch, the Spy has Threaten for Money and Hunting options too.

Spy Quarters
The Spy Quarters are not available until a Reception Hall has been added to the Throne Room (60 Renown required for that). So, if you're just starting your Kingdom, you'll need to knock out a couple Quests before you even have the Renown necessary to add the Spy Quarters. Once you do have the Renown and place the Spy Quarters, it will be tacked on to the right of the Reception Hall...

Your Spy walks all the way through the Throne Room and Reception Hall to his living area--kind of a time killer. But, as opposed to other Heroes' living quarters, one upside for the spy is he begins with a really nice bed that provides a better Well Rested Buff. There are 2 levels for the Spy - the cauldron and bed are on level 1 while the crafting table, scribe table and wine barrel are on level 2.

Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Spy
I chose Scholarly and Adventurous for my James Bond. Scholarly Heroes get nice Buffs from reading books and examining objects, netting the Read a Great Book and Fascinated Buffs. Adventurous Sims love to go on adventures, so it just seemed appropriate for a Spy. I sent James on a couple Adventures (making sure to do so when his Focus was already capped, so the option was green) and it resulted in a What a Great Adventure! +20 Focus 11-hr Buff. As far as Fatal Flaws go for a Spy, Drunkard isn't too bad. I mean the wine barrel is right there in the Spy Quarters, so let's get lots of use from it, right? (Hic...braaap) When I played the Monarch and chose Cruel he constantly was hit with Pent-Up Anger, but the Drunkard's Needs a Drink negative Buff does not seem to fire as often as Pent-Up Anger. I just made it a routine to have James Take a Drink before heading out and that prevented that Buff from even happening.

A Spy's Role in Diplomacy
Spies can patrol seaways and roads to help improve diplomacy with the various Foreign Kingdoms. See the Edicts page for more information.

Spy Activities and Interactions
In the Spy Quarters you have a Scribe Table which you can click to Write Secret Documents, and the Crafting Table where you craft poisons. Here are the various poisons available -

  • Vomicious Venom - A dialed down poison. Belladonna (3), Lordleaf (1), Seeds (2)
  • Truth Tonic - When you've got to have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Belladonna (2), Grassweed (4), Sagewort (3)
  • Pestilence Poison - Want to give a Sim something similar to the plague? Here you go. Belladonna (3), Bloodmoss (4), Nightshade (2), Sagewort (1)
  • Preparation Potion - Leave the training dummy for the other dummies. Get Combat Ready from a bottle. Belladonna (1), Eagewood (2), Wildflowers (2)
  • Rejuvenating Reagent - Too many swordfights resulting in fatigue? Get rejuvenated. Angelwood (1), Bloodmoss (2), Nightshade (1), Valoroot (2)
  • Coagulating Compound - Instantly stops bleeding. Bloodmoss (3), Nightshade (1), Sagewort (2)
  • Combustion Cordial - Give Sims that sought after singed look! Englewood (2), Grassweed (2), Seeds (2)

The Spy can also use the Tactical Map in the Throne Room and Pass Edicts. Here are some additional Spy Interactions:

  • Pickpocket Click on a Sim and you'll see the Pickpocket interaction in the list of Spy options. Try and make sure it's green or you run the risk of being thrown in the stocks.
  • Eavesdrop This is only available if you click a Sim having a conversation with another Sim. You'll have good success at the Town Square and in the Throne Room where there always seems to be plenty of Sims talking.
  • Swordplay Options Like the Monarch and Knight, the Spy has swordplay options, but again, depending on who the target is - you may or may not see those options.

    After you choose a "combat stance" and the health and stamina bars pop up in the top left, you can click on your opponent and also choose a special "combat move" - such as Mortal Blow (unlocked when a Spy hits level 5).
"We are the blades of Metropolis!"

Daily Responsibilities
The Spy has quite a list of Daily Responsibilities that the game chooses from:

  • Pay Taxes Just find a Messenger Post and drop your money inside.
  • Feed the Beast The beast in the Pit of Judgment likes red meat, so hunt to get food for it.
  • Make a Secret Drop Click the mail post box.
  • Pickpocket Traveling Merchant This is another simple one to accomplish, just make sure your Spy's Focus is capped so the interaction has a green bubble resulting in a high chance of success.
  • Break Someone Out of Stocks Prepare for frustration. You can be given this Daily Responsibility, have Focus completely maxed out, and even be at level 5 or 6 of the Spy profession and you'll still only have a Medium chance of success (yellow bubble). So, to be honest, I'm not quite sure why that's the case. It can be really tough because your want to avoid the Shirked Responsibility buff and if you do not successfully pick the lock, then the constable shows up and puts your Spy in the stocks!
  • Eavesdrop on a Conversation As I mentioned above, the Town Square and Throne Room are good areas to accomplish this Daily Responsibility. Just click on a Sim that's having a conversation with someone.
  • Pass an Edict This one is a bit odd. You'd think it would be a Monarch-only activity, but the Spy is also capable of passing Edicts. Click on the Tactical Map in the Throne Room and go through the steps outlined in the Monarch Guide.
  • Craft and Deliver a Vomicious Venom On the 2nd floor of the Spy Quarters is the crafting table. Click on craft and you'll see the various potions a spy can make with the ingredients listed as well. As always, Focus is key - the higher the focus (and the higher the level of the Spy) the greater chance crafting a potion will be successful.
  • Sail to Foreign Territory Click the ship at port and off you go.
  • Press 3 Adults for Information Another funny interaction with your Spy whipping out his blade and putting it to the throat of a Sim --
"Tell me everything you know about last night's robbery at Olde Tyme McDonald's!"


Evil is also a good trait for the Spy since you will be doing quite a bit of sinister actions to fufill those responsibilities. Nothing says satisfaction than liberating a sim of his simoles and laughing.
8th May 2011 2:13am
K i keep on eves dropping on the teacher, but i can't get past that part. i even got sent to jail because i took to long.
23rd May 2011 3:44am
Dot Swiegers
Hi there. I am having the same problem and cannot get resolve it. Every time the spy wants to evesdrop she hangs around the well in the town but does not talk to enyone. Any suggestions??
20th December 2013 10:08am
I think you have to throw an egg or a tomato before picking the lock. It works every time! What I don't get is that even though I successfully break someone out, I still get arrested :(
13th June 2011 2:52am
I think you should try to get out of the judgement zone after you release the prisoner. You can try that, cause I haven't experience being arrested after releasing someone out of the stock (successfully).
11th February 2012 8:52pm
I noticed that if you wait until the constable is in the hut, you can break someone out of the stocks without getting arrested.
20th June 2011 8:12pm
Also, breaking them out when it's dark seems to work better.
22nd June 2011 6:04pm
always make sure that thy are one of your people,that way you won't get arrested yourself,it always worked for me.
11th February 2012 10:55pm
Hannah C
Okay, so I just turned myself into a fourteen year old girl. Or maybe I've turned the Beast into one.

Somehow, I've made the Beast from the Pit of Judgement fall in love with my Spy, Double Oh.

I know. Well, I don't, which is my point. How on earth? Now every time he comes back up, he's followed by a trail of hearts, and he is only returning with an injury one time out of four.

I was a little confused about how best to level my Spy, so I decided to use Pit of Judgement for the very nice 200 XP, and the "Narrow Escape" and "Won The Fight" buffs. So long as you save between each "Jump Into Pit" action, and make sure you keep your focus high (aided, of course, by all the lovely buffs the Beast gives you) you can level yourself up a couple of times in a day. I would also recommend Feeding The Beast fairly regularly once you have enough money to buy spare (but cheap!) red meat. This only gives a +5 buff, but it lasts 24 hours for all Heroes, regardless of what they are, and any focus buff is a good focus buff!

Now I'm at Spy level 3, have both the Doomsday hilt and blade, have made a fairly ferocious friend (hello, alliteration) and my Spy hasn't even been to bed yet!

24th June 2011 4:25pm
How do you make the beast fall in love with one of your sims? I want to do it. lol
20th March 2012 5:55pm
I'm trying to get the fountain research book but can't find it. How can I get it?
29th June 2011 2:43am
You have to browse the bookshelf and then it will tell you to go to the village market.Thats where you fiond the book
17th February 2012 1:29am
Anyone know how to get the spy to identify the mysterious leaf during the Missing Monarch quest? I know it involves the crafting table, but it's not a clickable option and I have no idea what to do.
6th July 2011 12:05am
Go to the crafting table, click "craft item", then it will say "identify leaf" (:
26th February 2012 12:28am
Chris K
I got an evil plan to poison that bloody keeper of the stocks with food, but when I tried to make poisoned food, it asked who I wanted to poison and no names came up. When or how will that option come open? Should I make him an enemy first? That man has to DIE!
10th August 2011 1:01pm
That option may only be available for other Sims on the lot. You'd have to invite him over or get him on a lot where you could cook first.
22nd June 2012 4:41am
Could you kill someone with poisen potions i want to kill my royal advisoer spy but i cant sense i cant put challenge duel to death
5th October 2011 1:14am
Rebecca Flywire
what should i name my spy
24th October 2011 7:30am
Ivano L.G.
For a boy how about "Johnny English" and for a girl "Sofia Goldberg" just suggesting =)
26th November 2011 8:38pm
I named my spy Ezio Auditore, you could try that one.
11th March 2012 8:18pm
Adrenaline Diamond
OMG YES! Ezio Auditore. Then get him to wear the hood and make it white with matching clothes. I LOVE EZIO! Lol.
3rd June 2012 4:20pm
I named mine Mack Daddy!
22nd December 2012 7:29pm
it's just me or what, why my spy cant pickpocketing?:-(
i already click the target, but i dont see any pickpocket option
have any of u experiance this?
26th October 2011 12:21pm
Try getting a higher level. Are you going into spy options? If not any of these then maybe you just can't pickpocket on that certain targert?
13th December 2011 4:33am
hey i can't make mine spy either and i am in level 3, and i could spy in level 1?? thats why i was looking at these Q and A's to find out but i still don't now why.

so if you have found out would you then tell me how to get it make to normal??

20th June 2012 1:14pm
how do you spike someone's drink with truth potion?
25th December 2011 8:29pm
My spy is having trouble Passing an Edict, she can't seem to do it, I've tried just about everything.
27th December 2011 8:38pm
After you propose your edict, click the the table again and click monitor edict..this was you can see how everyone else is going to vote, then when you call for a vote, vote for that one.
21st January 2012 4:22am
Their is a special tactical map in the throne room. that is the ONLY one anyone can pass edicts from.
4th February 2012 2:15am
I can't make my spy to write a letter to Seonaid,what can I do??
19th January 2012 8:10am
im doing the doomsday quest. and my spy is trying to pick pocket the book of terror. but the guy is in the tavern and i cant pick pocket him with out him busting me and i get thrown into the stocks. any one know how can i can pick pocket him without getting caught.
7th February 2012 7:30pm
Get maxed out focus and a moderate to high level for the spy.
1st April 2012 3:05pm
how do you get the sir boigas cloak??please help!
29th April 2012 8:44pm
i am doing the invasion quest with my spy and i need to find out the identity of the tratior, it say i need to find either the invaders camp or an invader willing to talk. i cant find the camp and have managed to become 'best friends' with an invader without finding out anything! help please!
4th May 2012 3:56pm
how do you get ancient powder for the spy to make her potion where she comes invisible? also I cant get the interrogation chair to work.
They always fall asleep then get release. any tips? thanks!
18th August 2012 7:41pm
how do you get ancient powder for the spy to make her potion where she comes invisible? also I cant get the interrogation chair to work.
They always fall asleep then get release. any tips? thanks!
20th August 2012 10:47pm
You might've already figured this out, but--

Ancient Powder comes from Digging for Treasure, either the big treasures from a map or the option you get when clicking on viable ground with a shovel equipped. (Watch out for the Pit Beast!)

As for the Interrogation Chair -- it works a lot like the operation table for the Physician, but with a much narrower sweet spot (that gold band at the top and bottom).

If you're using it for one of the daily responsibilities, it has to be Interrogate, which means the bar has to be at the bottom. The quest objectives could go either way; unless it says specifically which you need, it won't matter whether it's Interrogate (bottom) or Persuade (top).

Try the various options to get the largest bump in one direction or the other, and use it to get as close to the sweet spot as you can, then use another option that does tiny bumps to get into the gold sweet spot. If you're nervous about missing it and going into the red (which is where the whole thing fails and you have to start over), you can do it when it's close, but sweet spot = success.

In general, you'll have at least one option that does a large amount in either direction (like the 'Pile of Leeches'), and others for smaller (One Leech).

Not all sims will react to the options in the same way; for instance, one person might get a positive, upward bump from the chinchillas, while the next one goes negative. The only way to know for sure is to experiment.

7th September 2012 7:41pm
Okya both my crafthole and Tred are well in the red and are showing they are in Rebellion, HELP. Ive only just stated playing this how can I get my Spy, Knight and Monarch to increase the bar as its low. There is no quest I have to do as it shows nothing for the positive benef
24th October 2012 9:25pm
Who ever named their spy Ezio Auditore i love you so so so so much right now i could marry you and i have a question have any of you watched the heros as ur game is loading like it will show you the bard singing on a rock and the physician making a potion but when it shows u the spy it has it with this awesome hooded cloak and my spy is level 11 and i look at the clothes for it everytime i level up and they dont have a hooded cloak for the spy
24th November 2012 4:40pm
yanna coimbra
Who i can read "A History of the Dukes and Dutchesses of the kingdom and outlyings territories"?
17th January 2013 7:08pm
I have made the Truth Tonic but how do I get Traveler Lysander to drink it?
9th June 2013 10:31pm
You have to be at a cask, serve poisoned drink and then click sim who you want to serve. I think that sim has to be there, though, so click invite over and use cask in spy quarters.
13th June 2013 3:37pm
I have a quest task to dye a disguse and I need peasant garments? Where do I get those? They were at the Village Shoppe
30th June 2013 12:51am

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