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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: A Missing Child

Approach: Find Im
Requirements: Any Hero, 1QP
Platinum Quest Award20 RP $1000 1200XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award20 RP $1000 800XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward10 RP $750 800XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $740 400XP


This is by far the easiest quest in The Sims Medieval. I always play this quest first whenever I start a new ambition.
30th April 2011 5:38am
Very short quest. If you want the platinum, work on getting there quickly.
30th April 2011 2:25pm
Probably only do 2 to 3 tasks each day to get the platinum level since there is only about 8 different things to do. Find him in town square on mine.
3rd May 2011 10:13pm
8 different things to do is a bit of an overstatement. Spies finish in 4-5, I believe.

So, yeah. Dawdling is very important for this quest.

21st May 2011 2:45pm
man, i had a hard time with this one. couldn't find anyone who i needed to talk to ie. advisors throughout the quest. as with the monarch and the priest i tried and the knight. could never find him.
24th May 2011 12:29am
in missing child you need to get a bell then it turns up in your invintory and how do you click on it to ring when it is in your invintory? how do you get thing out of your invintory?
21st June 2011 8:02pm
Does anyone know where I can find cruddium?
29th July 2011 10:52am
Cruddium is found in any type of rock. Its easy to find it. Give it a try!
28th August 2011 4:06pm
Ritchie Gunn
For a blacksmith or wizard, as mentioned it's found in nearly any rock cropping when mining. Otherwise you can buy it at the village shop, but only the blacksmith needs it for anything. Beyond the $1 sell value it's worthless to any other hero sim.
26th October 2011 9:01pm
Be careful with this quest if you're going for plat. You have a step that requires you to go and look for the child - be aware that this is the last viable step in this quest. The next and last thereafter is the turn-in.

Make sure you're at plat before you go and search for the child yourself.

18th September 2011 8:51pm
It's not about this quest but in the rootless mushrooms after the first task what do you do to amnita?
25th September 2011 1:07am
Can't find well for rootless mushrooms, any help?
20th October 2011 9:34pm
I have finished New beginnings Level. After this 2 new levels are unlocked. How do i continue playing with the characters of the previous kingdom? I want to increase the levels of the heroes.
4th November 2011 5:01pm
I am doing this quest with s priest who needs to pray for an hour, but he only prays for 10 minutes or so at a time. How do i make him pray for longer?
16th November 2011 7:36pm
When he is praying, you need to pull the tab out of the little praying icon in the top left corner. There should be an hour glass there, that means that he will pray until you tell him to stop.
21st October 2012 3:17pm
kitira howard
How do i listen in on convesations?
27th December 2011 9:41pm
Do this with the Merchant, with only 50 simoles, it takes 3 steps, and the majority of it is waiting. Pick to put up a reward.
28th December 2011 8:06pm
Does anybody know what the "paltry aspect" is? I've played this quest a dozen or more times and never had anything bad happen. :/ I'm just curious as to what it could be!
23rd April 2012 3:26am
Queen Lizzie
My Knight did this way too quick
- ask guard about disturbance
- choose to deal with alone (instead of intimidate guards)
- searched outskirts by boat
- turned in child
I made platnium easy enough, but didn't build much XP or §
18th June 2012 5:20am
So with the find the kid thingy do you do it quickly or not?
26th January 2013 5:45pm
Wizard's can complete in three steps.

Scry, choose to scry some more and ask him why he was hiding.

26th July 2013 4:05am

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