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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Gilded Guilds

Approach: Mages Guild
Requirements: Mage Level 5+, 3QP
Platinum Quest Award50 RP $0 2500XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $0 2000XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $0 1600XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward20 RP $0 1200XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award
Approach: Fighters Guild
Requirements: Knight Level 5+, 3QP
Platinum Quest Award50 RP $0 2500XPSecurity Kingdom Aspect AwardSecurity Kingdom Aspect AwardSecurity Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $0 2000XPSecurity Kingdom Aspect AwardSecurity Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $0 1600XPSecurity Kingdom Aspect AwardSecurity Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward20 RP $0 1200XPSecurity Kingdom Aspect Award
Approach: Bards Guild
Requirements: Bard Level 5+, 3QP
Platinum Quest Award50 RP $0 2500XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $0 2000XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $0 1600XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward20 RP $0 1200XPCulture Kingdom Aspect Award


The Bard recives a lute with legendary tone at the end of this quest if they accept being the songstress's muse .

Stretching this quest can get a bard from level 5 to level 10 (practice makes perfect :) )

4th May 2011 8:11am
I got my bard from level 1 to level 10 on this quest. I was close but i still got plat.
30th May 2012 5:16pm
My mage accomplished this mission and get the archmage staff which has a 9 to 10 power
13th May 2011 12:54am
If you use a knight, and refuse to join the fighter's guild to very end and give the excuse to fight the Lord Knight to death; if you successful defeat him and you will either a sword (L-9 power) or an amour (L-10 defense) depending the answer you gave when you were asked to train the newcomer. If you told him to improve his defense and you will get the armour; if you told to improve his attack and you will get the sword.
20th May 2011 5:29pm
This quest glitched out on me (doing the Knight approach) and refused to complete. I completed all the tasks, and then the game just continued as if in free play mode, so I had to abort it. YMMV, obviously.
24th May 2011 2:34am
Bard's Guild:
When asked to write a poem with the War theme, a poem with the Art theme and a poem with the Love theme, a single epic poem made of War, Art and Love will fulfill the criteria for all three. Similarly, reading the poem once will fulfill the criteria for reading all three.
4th June 2011 2:11pm
How do you preform the Whirling Take down, Hilt Smash, and Mortal Blow in the Knights Guild?
12th July 2011 5:30pm
You select the person you are sparring with and those 3 options will be listed. Very similar to interactions
28th July 2011 5:26pm
Click on the person our dueling and it should give you the option to choose. It also help if you pause.
6th August 2011 3:15am
My knight is level 10 but the options requested on the quest table (Whirling Take down, Hilt Smash, and Mortal Blow) don´t appear when I start the duel!!!
What do I do?
4th October 2011 4:07am
Anyone know where the Arcane Tome is located? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
12th September 2011 12:00am
it's in the mage's house. on the bottom floor, where they prepare their spells (:
10th November 2012 3:46am
I chose the Bards quest. First thing to do is get an actor to join you in a play, but, I never get "ask to preform in play" as an option! Is this a glitch? Or am I just stupid?? <grin> wouldn't be the first time.
21st October 2011 6:29am
You have to click on the stage and click perform play. Then it will prompt you to recruit an actor. That action will be under the Bard interaction. Then once you agree to their price you have to click on the stage and choose start play.
24th October 2011 3:22am
help cant find how to do the art poem have all the others
13th December 2011 10:46pm
Snazzy Bean
I did this twice with the mage and chose different paths both time. I chose "join the guild", then next time didn't join, etc. It doesn't seem to matter which ones you choose - I got the mage staff at the end both times.
5th March 2012 2:31pm
My bard does not have the option to write a war or and love poem. How can I do this?
4th April 2012 10:06pm
iam doing the Gilded Guilds quest how do i get the nature theme please
25th July 2012 4:13pm
I need help with my bard. Every time he recites the poems to Songstress Kelsey, no matter what order he reads them, the quest tasks to recite the poems to her, remain. And she responds as if he had never read any poems to her at all (except that their social goes up, she's now become a good friend because of all the socializing.) Yes I have the correct themes for each poem, Love, Art, War. At first I thought I had to read them in a certain order, so I did that. When that didn't work I tried reading them in the opposite order, but that didn't work either. I just sent my bard back home where he finised writing 3 new poems, one with a love theme, one with an art theme and one with the war them. Only this time they are epic poems. I'm hoping that that will work. But I would really appreciate it if someone here could post and help me out. Damn, I just tried it again with the three themes, Love, Art, War and again except for the XP gained, it's as if he'd never recited the points. Her response after he read each of them was to hit on him. Normally I wouldn't mind, but this is getting really frustrating. Can someone please help me out? My quest meter is already starting to go down! If you successfelly recited the three poems, please tell me HOW you did it! Were they all epic? Was only one of them Epic? What themes did you use besides love, art, war? Or did you just use 3 loves for the love poem, 3 arts for the art poem and 3 wars for the war poem? My last attempt I did the above, except I didn't have enough wars to have three war themes for the epic war poem. Was that where I made my mistake? Should I get three war themes for the epic war poem and write a 3rd epic war poem and recite that one to her with the previous two? Or do I write each from scratch and maybe include the watcher theme in each epic poem? Please tell me how you successfully completed this part of the quest before I lose my mind!
2nd August 2012 12:58pm
I just figured out my mistake. The quest tasks does say to recite each to Songstress Kelsey, BUT it was Wordsmith Jeremiah that gave him the task of the poems and I noticed during gameplay that the gold marker was of Wordsmith Jeremiah, not Songstress Kelsey. So I disobeyed the quest instrections and recited the poems to Wordsmith Jeremiah instead and thankfully, it worked. I really hope in the next patch that EA fixes that mistake of theirs and corrests the quest task so that it says to recite each one to Wordsmith Jeremiah. Just thought I would update, in case anyone else here was trying to recite to the songstress like the quest tasks said to do and was wondering why it wasn't working.

To Bronwen Banks, you can get the nature themes by going to the forest. You don't have to actually go into the forest, just go to the forest location and click on the ground there to gain inspiration. That's how I got the nature theme.

2nd August 2012 8:35pm
Thank you! I've been stuck for ages!
23rd January 2014 6:08pm
where is the arcane tome. carnt seem to find it eny where?
5th September 2012 4:29am
On the Gilded Guild Quest, I cannot for the life if me get the 'recite love<war<art poem for the songstress' to go away. I have followed her around and tried it in the tavern. She is not in the tavern anymore and there is not invite to visit prompt in the conversation exchange with her
20th January 2013 8:31pm

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