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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Golems Gone Wild

Approach: Fight Golems With Golems
Requirements: Barracks, Blacksmith/Wizard Combo 3QP, Ticktop Territory Scouted
Platinum Quest Award40 RP $1250 1600XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Culture Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $1250 1600XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Culture Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $1000 1200XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Culture Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $400 400XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Culture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award


Bonnie Martin
I chose to "Fight Golems With Golems".

There is a time when your Blacksmith Hero must recruit three volunteers for a difficult task. Give them their costumes as soon as they agree to it, they will put them on and go to the jousting field. The costumes are crucial.

When the time comes get that final recruit, someone will suggest a drunkard who lives in the castle.

Be sure to have the Smith and the Wizard both focused, fed and awake.

He must be drunk to agree to be a recruit, three ales in a row will work. Again, don't forget to give him the costume. Now, while he is still drunk, have the Wizard cast her spell.

Then everybody goes down to the jousting field for cake and dancing ;-}

8th May 2011 5:08am
what should you do if there's no option to give him ale, even if you've brewed it?
9th June 2011 10:46pm
how do i get the smith to amke the custume i can not find out how to please help me
1st March 2012 1:30am
You have to click on the Village sign in order to travel to TickTop
23rd May 2011 3:17pm
Thanks Anne, I was going crazy trying to figure out how to get to Ticktop!
11th November 2011 12:53am
The 2nd recruit will ask for 500$, you have the choice of paying it or demanding a lower rate. I choose 'Demand a lower rate', I then had to 'Brawl' with him, I won the brawl and he then agreed to be recruited for free. The 3rd recruit has to get drunk, I had to wait for him to arrive at the castle to serve him drinks. It is a good idea to have your blacksmith and wizard hanging out in the castle for the whole recruiting process to avoid a lot of traveling.
28th May 2011 9:00am
When the 2nd recruit asks for the money, I did not have that much and didn't even get the option of demanding a lower rate, now I no longer have the option of asking others to be recruited and I stil cannot demand a lower rate or give him the money, even though I have them. So I am sorta stuck
22nd July 2011 11:18am
I don't know what to do. My wizard casts the golem spell on my blacksmith but then nothing happens. Any help? Thanks in advance.
6th June 2011 4:03pm
Just keep trying. It will work sooner or later.
20th December 2012 4:48am
I am at the part where they dance, but am not sure what to do to get them to dance, I have no new objective popping up either.
10th June 2011 1:10pm
Casting the spell a second time worked for me.
21st October 2011 5:26pm
After I finished the quest, the people I turned into golems kept their golem form. Now I have a bunch of stone people wandering around.
Well, I might keep them just for fun, and maybe marry one =P
25th June 2011 6:58pm
I'm having trouble making the prototype armor. When I go to the forge, it isn't on the list. I have enough mithral. What am I missing?
29th June 2011 11:04pm
My blacksmith was turned into a gloem by my wizard and is now unable to move from the spot where the spell was cast.. I tried quitting the quest and restarting, but that did nothing and now I'm back to square one. Can anyone help?
1st July 2011 8:27pm
i was wondering i have done this quest already but is there a way to turn my golems back to humans?
9th July 2011 9:19am
i am unable to find mana stones for this quest, any ideas. Not in the market
11th July 2011 10:11am
I think I found it by the jacoban church
5th August 2011 6:13pm
If you have some money, and you looka round the forest helping everyone, sometimes you will find tons of mana stones XD
21st August 2011 1:58am
mana stone come in specific rock piles
9th November 2011 3:26am
I am stuck on mana stones too. I found one by the Jacoban church but that's all I've found. Help please.
17th November 2011 2:11pm
If you're looking for Mana Stones, two places that you can find them are a) to the left of the Jacoban Cathedral, and b) behind the lighthouse. You'll have to turn to the right when your Sim gets to the lighthouse or else you won't be able to see it. There are two rock areas, but the one in the far back is the one you want. There's another place, in front of the Wizard's Tower going in the direction of the castle, apparently from what a friend told me, but I haven't been able to find that, so. Yeah. There's another spot, but, I can't remember it right now.
5th December 2011 11:37pm
there is a stack by those trees by the wizards tower you have to look close cause its hiden
29th January 2012 7:21am
There's one on the beach. I think it's the last one if your person is going to the right from the downhill part.
15th February 2013 4:43am
How do you give Digory the ale? I tried puting out ale but he won't drink it
17th July 2011 2:26am
You need to "serve" him a drink, the option is there when you click ont he cast
18th August 2011 11:14pm
You have to click on the cask you brewed it from and select "serve". Then a list of people should appear for you to select from.
27th August 2011 12:25am
Steve - you need to mine the stone alone the paths to get Mana stones

L you need to select the option serve and then select Digory to serve the drink. PS make sure Digory is in the building

29th July 2011 3:58pm
hey everyone i chose to fight golems with golems. im up to the bit where you have to find three magma stones but i have not idea where to find them> anyone know? thanks
1st August 2011 2:17pm
You missed a quest. It's "Genie". I'm stuck. I let the Genie out of the bottle and now I'm supposed to find it. Does anyone know how to find it?
3rd September 2011 2:44pm
look by the graveyard
29th June 2012 4:18am
The blacksmith recruited the first person, and now the wizard is supposed to cast the 'Golemify' spell on them, but there is no little yellow person thing for the wizard to find the person, and I forget who it is that the blacksmith recruited. Help?
9th September 2011 3:27pm
I'm having this same trouble. Have you figured it out yet?
4th December 2011 2:27am
I figured it out, I guess. I recruited a character that wasnt a regular character so they didnt come back to the game. You have to cancel the quest then start over. Always select characters that are around all the time like guards, pesants and other active characters
5th December 2011 5:19am
I'm up to the part where you pay the second volunteer, but I can't find him, there's no marker for him, and I don't remember his name. Any ideas on how I can locate him?
14th September 2011 2:40am
I got the recruits but hadn't made the costumes yet. It's telling me i need to find the first volunteer to give him the costume but there is nothing showing up as to who the volunteers were. How do I find them again since I don't remember who volunteered?
24th October 2011 6:33pm
I've had to restart this kingdom twice because for some reason after I get directions form tick top the craft golem disguise does not show up in forge not even as non-highlighted
19th November 2011 12:10am
Have you collected the package from the mailbox, outside the castle? You have to do that first.
14th April 2012 4:04pm
How can I do the Golem disguise? Ugh. I've been trying to figure it out for half an hour but I can't get it done! I have no idea how to have the Golem disguise. The Golem disguise came AFTER getting the package, so what you commented was not helpful at all.
1st June 2013 5:40am
I chose fight in the golem quest. I am on the part where I am supposed to follow the golem army to TipTop, but I lost track of them. Where do I go to meet up with the army? I scoured the landscape in the gods eye view, but still can't spot them :(
3rd December 2011 4:52pm
That's where you go to the "Path to the Village" and click on the, well, the flag that takes you into the village shoppe. It'll show up there.
25th December 2011 4:37am
Can anyone help with a glitch I am experiencing? I am at the stage where the golems are preparing for a dance off. I have to stab 2 of the golems with a serum to improve their dancing. Stab one no problems, the second guy though seems to hate me. I have to be a friend to stab him with the serum but every time I try and be nice to the guy he seems to hate me more - nothing I do seems to please the guy. I must've slept with his wife at some point or something to earn this much hatred!! Only problem now is how the hell do I move on in the quest if I can't give him the serum?!?! It won't let me do it to anyone else!
10th December 2011 2:08pm
I recruited someone to be a golem but then they left the map and never came back is there any way to get him back without cancelling the quest? this is the last quest I can do before I run out of points.
14th December 2011 6:28am
How do you keep the booze going?
23rd December 2011 9:47pm
You have to be in the Throne Room, or Reception Hall, brew ale and keep serving him ale.
30th December 2011 6:14pm
I can't find any mithril. Any ideas?
27th December 2011 3:56pm
My wizard is supposed to read the golem tome but I can't find it. The blacksmith gave it to him already.
11th January 2012 4:10am
go home then go up to the top with th books and stuff then you click on the thing you research on and you should see it
1st March 2012 8:54pm
how do i find mithral?
5th February 2012 2:01pm
Mithral can be discovered and mined by wizards and blacksmiths in various locations. Scout around the Training Yard area, the path leading to the Forest, and the Watcher's Pavillion area. There are a few other spots, as well. Its a good idea to go ahead and identify each rock mound you come across - you'll be using everything eventually. Hope this helps! ~
20th February 2012 6:12am
There is Mithral at the Lighthouse and at the Docks.
26th July 2012 4:48pm
I'm on the Golem quest and am having trouble with the third recruit. I gave him ale but now he's stuck in an upstairs room with a book in his hand. When you choose to socialize with him, the que just goes away and you can't interact with him. I tried restarting the quest. How do I get him unstuck?!? Is there a way of resetting the character?
6th April 2012 4:04am
where can you find the Mana stones.
7th April 2012 9:27pm
The mana stone are on the cliff next to the Jacoban Church. If you only collect one, instead of coming back the next day, let your wizard cast the growth spell on the exact same spot are nearby and then collect. repeat if necessary and just drag it on to your blacksmith's picture.
24th June 2012 11:20pm
When it says to test the spell on the blacksmith, my spell is not working. Then it says to try it again but it is not working can someone help me?
17th April 2012 5:03am
I found mana stones at the docks
20th July 2012 12:13pm
How do I get the wizard to memorize the spell?
13th January 2013 7:09am
How do I get the wizard to memorize the spell?
13th January 2013 8:22pm
I'm doing a quest with a bottleghost and i have to collect these souljewels. Where do i find them??
18th February 2013 4:01pm
I'm having trouble with this quest. I have my 3 "volunteers", but my wizard's mood was too low to place the spell on the final person. I figured that I would just do it the next day--WRONG!! My final man is no longer in town. At least that's what I assume is the problem, since I can't find him anywhere, and there isn't any icon to indicate his location. I just wonder what would happen if I cancel the quest. Will I get the chance to do the same quest again, or will I forever lose the chance to accomplish this particular one? It's already been 3 days since she picked the final volunteer, and my quest ranking has gone from platinum to low gold (very soon to go down to the next level), and there isn't anything I can do about it, at least as far as I know.
22nd May 2013 7:39am
I have a problem! I didn't realise at the time, but one of my golem volunteers REALLY dislikes my Blacksmith, and I can't get their relationship up to "amplify his dancing". No matter what I try to do, he gets mad at my Blacksmith and keeps finding him awkward! Any help?
14th June 2013 4:05pm
I cant seem to find the command for injecting them with serum. i made my blacksmith friends with the recruits to see if that would help but nada. the option just isn't there. any ideas?
16th June 2013 4:56pm
Is anyone able to tell me why I can't find the Golem disguise as an option in the forge? I've got the plans and the wizard has memorized the spell, and I have 11 mithral so none of those are the issue. I've done the quest in another kingdom successfully but in this kingdom I've already quit and restarted the quest and the game twice and no change.
20th November 2013 7:54pm
how do you find the mana stones
23rd November 2013 9:27pm

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