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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Heir to the Throne

Approach: Pumping out the Princes
Platinum Quest Award60 RP $2000 2500XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award60 RP $1500 2000XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward50 RP $1250 1600XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward40 RP $1000 1200XP


When given the choice between "Let's focus on the task at hand." and "I might be open to a deeper relationship.", if you choose the former you will *not* be able to give the contract to someone who is a romantic interest.
12th May 2011 6:48pm
I am stuck. My queen was already married to her suitor before this quest, now it shows them both as being single, and I am just plain confused. Can I even do this quest?
15th August 2011 2:25am
I have the same problem. My chosen suitor and queen were already married and had a child before I started this quest, and now, no matter how "extremely alluring" he finds me the marriage option won't come up. I can't even get "ask to court". HELP!
28th March 2012 8:43pm
This quest gives you the option to choose if you would like a boy or a girl, but choosing boy does not guarantee that you will get a boy. Twice I've chosen boy and had a baby girl. You can still finish the quest as normal though.
18th May 2011 11:25am
How do you confront/spar with a knight/villager?
29th May 2011 5:53pm
It took me until I was getting the dangerously low on quest status to finally realize all I had to do was look under Monarch options when talking to a representative from one of the allied nations to find the Spar option.It was a real "Duh!!" moment for me.
15th June 2011 10:29pm
How do I get my queen to marry her suitor?
30th May 2011 4:08pm
When you have the sims engaged (after making them court each other) you can either select marraige and then marry them wherever they are currently, or go to the church your active sim is a member of and select "Have marriage at church" or something like that. Providing that theres nobody blocking the altar or anything the sims should get married.
4th June 2011 4:08pm
I have finished the ritual in the Forest, the current task says Marry Suitor but I cannot find any means of doing so. Marriage does NOT appear as an action or interaction option on anyone or anywhere. I spent hours following the suitor about Wooing him etc more to see if it would come up, I went to the village shop to see if there was a ring I needed to buy, I went to the Cathedral: nothing!
My platinum quest cup went all the way to bronze in the time I spent trying to do this step! I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing but can someone PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what to do next as it's just insufferably tedious now. Please don't say choose Marriage without saying WHERE that option comes up (i.e. in which sub menu) or what steps you need to complete to make that happen!
Many thanks!
4th June 2011 6:13pm
Marriage is found in romantic, you have to get their conversation status thingo to extremely alluring before it will become an option
25th February 2012 12:06pm
So, finally got my sims betrothed. You have to keep stacking up the romantic actions till the one you are trying to marry thinks that your hero seem is "being extremely irresistible". Once you see that you will have the option to propose marriage.
Prior to that though you will also see options to court and kiss which will help tremendously towards getting that proposal out.
All of these are located under Romantic and become available as the sim you are courting starts to find you alluring and then irresistible.
16th March 2012 9:56pm
That's probably cause your suitor is married already.
7th June 2011 12:45pm
Okay so I had The Lord marry the suite all the fertility weird stuff but the wife didn't join the household. She had the baby and now I can find the child..where would it be? I. The castle or on the location the mother was in. I'm so confused . PLEASE. HELP.
15th October 2013 4:30am
@Money- I did it how you make any other sims marry. I had the Monarch do multiple Romantic interactions until they could choose the "Ask to Court" option, then I did more Romantic options to max it out and then "Ask to Marry" should come up as one of the top Romantic options.
7th June 2011 10:17pm
My couple just can't get married. I have them get marries, and then nothing. They just stand there. No one's in the way or anything. I just want to get this stupid quest over with so that I can build more stuff in my kingdom. lol
15th June 2011 9:01pm
I tried to get my sims married in the church, but apparently they were trying to wed at the same time the church service was going on. I gave up an took the option to let them get married right on the spot they were.
28th June 2011 9:43am
I had problems completing this quest, it was most likely bug in system when I pressed marry the king acted like there is no space or something and then it would say can not complete marriage today because queen got cold feet or something i tried it few times in different locations nothing was happening so I saved and restarted game and everything worked out right after I restarted game.
8th August 2011 4:14am
Why won't it let me marry? I don't have a church or anything and i'm commpleatly stuck.Help? anyone? there's nothing that should be stopping it but it just wont let me marry the stupid person.
17th June 2011 5:47pm
How do u get them to woohoo ? I've tried and they will not get in a bed.
21st June 2011 12:29am
You can have your sim go to a large bed, relax, then you mouse over to the suitor and click on him/her. There should be a "WooHoo" option. Click it, and even if that person is across the kingdom, they should trek the whole journey to meet your sim in bed and then woohoo.
28th June 2011 9:41am
1. To get them to engage you have to be romantic a lot
2. after u prop keep doing romantic stuff in tell you see get married be in a building any will do when you do it (i got married in the throne room)
3. to woohoo you need to be in a place that has a bed (like the throne room) big enough for 2 ppl and u have to romance in tell you see woohoo

Now i am stuck there it says i should keep woohooing until i get a kid idk how long that is.

26th June 2011 11:42pm
I'm stuck here too. I spent two nights WooHooing and no baby. Now, I'm actually at a point where no matter how much I romance - she even consistently finds me "extremely irresistible"- the "WhooHoo" option no longer pops up.
4th July 2011 8:27pm
My sims woohoo'd and I had finished the current quest and then had moved onto another quest, and a few "sim weeks" later, I got a message that popped up asking me to name a kid! Lol. I didn't even know she was pregnant and I'm pretty sure that they only whoohood twice since they had been together.
2nd August 2012 11:16pm
where do you get the wedding rings i went to the town village and it wsnt there and i can't get married with out the stupid rings!HELP
7th July 2011 8:36pm
You don't need them to get married. If it says something about "cold feet" just save, go to main menu, then get back in and try getting married again :)
21st December 2011 11:24pm
If my queen is already married or engaged can I still do this quest without getting a divorce?
2nd August 2011 6:29pm
ok, so my monarch has 4 kids already, so can i have a baby for this quest or do i have to quit?
8th August 2011 5:23pm
Same issues.
Not to be impolite, but I have been to forum after forum, and all I get is the same walk-through type advice that I have already checked and double-checked, and, you get the picture.
Queen and knight got romantic, irresistible, they want it, I want it, the whole kingdom wants it, but they can't get married.
They have a double bed at her place, they have a double bed at his place, they can't use priest cause I didn't get them churches. Only option is "marry here". Only result is can't marry!
Reloaded game, restarted game, restarted computer, restarted my car! Nothing works!
Has anybody resolved this without "getting lucky"? Is their a definitive way to make this work?
Please say yes, and I'm really sorry if this post seems rude, but I'm really frustrated.
25th August 2011 10:02pm
I am having the same problem. Everytime I choose get married i get a bubble that says the wedding had to be cancelled and someone got cold feet! Not sure what else I can do!
1st September 2011 3:12am
I've had the same problem as a few of you here. I couldn't get them to have the marriage ceremony. They just said something about cold feet.
Anyways, I just went to 'Save As' and saved it as the same name but added a number 2 at the end. Then I went out to the main menu and loaded number 2.
Took them back to the castle, bought an altar (not sure if that helped or not) and it worked they are married now. Hope this helps someone. This was so frustrating.
1st September 2011 2:09pm
Unfortuantely, I have no advice to share. I am experiencing the same exact problem, It's so frustrating that I can't get past this. Anyway, if I finally figure it out I will post how I did it.
4th September 2011 6:04pm
static: I had the same problem. No matter where I went, i still got that "Can't go there" thought bubble.

The ONLY thing that worked for me was to build a church, have my monarch join it, and get married there.

Because I didn't have enough RP to build a church, I had to cheat to get past the glitch. If you don't have problems with cheating, turn on testingcheats and give yourself enough rp to build the church.

6th September 2011 1:50pm
I was alt tabbing between help and the game because I had tried at least 2 dozen times to have them marry, even more I was on the Heir to the Throne quest. It really was just luck. After about 6 times in succession it finally worked. All the other times before they'd both okay it but then the Monarch wouldn't move into position. Then that one time she just magically went to where she was supposed to be and they waited for the Officiant. Definitely a frustrating bug.
8th September 2011 2:35am
I just went through the same thing. Stuck on the Heir to the Throne Quest, no church, and they wouldn't go through with the marriage. Everytime I clicked on "Marry Here" they'd get cold feet bc they couldn't get in position. Really frustrating. I looked all over the web & found nothing. Came on here & read E11ie's post and first tried purchasing an altar. That didn't do anything. Then I saved a second game. Went into the second game & it worked on the first try. Guess it's some kind of bug. Good luck to everyone - hope you get it to work!
14th September 2011 4:54pm
Laur H
I realised i could't court because my sim was already courting someone- if the option wont come up, make sure you have no past romantic relationships with anyone else that you havent broken off.
22nd October 2011 6:23pm
sometimes if your im is too close to a wall or object it doesnt work cuz the oficiator guy cant get to you, i've been having issues with this quet too tho
18th March 2012 11:07pm
I don't know if this post will help you specifically since it's been awhile, but, to anyone else experiencing this problem, if you have "testingcheats" enabled, you can shift-click the sim you're trying to court/marry and set your current relationship status. You can select anything from "stranger" to "married." I'm not sure if this will help you or anyone, but I thought I'd at least try. (If you can't figure out how to enable testingcheats, Google it, nothing too complicated.)
26th July 2012 1:17pm
You have to make sure that your sim isn't courting anyone else. If they are click on the one you're courting and choose the mean option then 'break up'.
7th September 2011 4:41pm
Just had the same problem and posted something in the forum. I initially thought 2 heros couldn't marry. Not true. Thankfully, mine was not a step in a quest! Playing a quest with the Monarch Queen, every time I said Have Marriage, he got cold feet. But they were still engaged (and still having kids!). So when I played a quest with the Knight as hero, I had him select Have Marriage and she accepted and they got married in the Throne Room (no churches yet). Figured he was just being a little chauvinistic! I haven't played a quest yet that requires marriage. Anyone try using the cheat to move to the next step? I've only used that twice, but it usually considers the quest step fullfilled. One thing I do wish EA did was when there is a marriage, have everyone around stop and watch (maybe clap at the end), like they do to watch a sword fight or dance to the music!
18th September 2011 2:36pm
i have tried over end over to get them to wed i have restarted the game restarted my computer and finally started with a new game all together and nothing is working! and i cant even kill the little man.
21st September 2011 3:44pm
I just can't buy the stuff needed. They wont show up in the store, and its been like this for 2 weeks ingame and 2 days irl.
21st September 2011 5:13pm
i have tried over end over to get them to wed i have restarted the game restarted my computer and finally started with a new game all together and nothing is working! and i cant even kill the little man.
22nd September 2011 11:32pm
I have been able to get as far being able to 'woohoo' after the marriage. I have 'woohoo' several times but most of the time it is difficult to get the king anywhere near where there is a bed, so i have woohooed with other people to see if I can get the queen pregnant. Most hints and tips say you should only need to do it once, nothing seems to be happening and I can't get the husband back for the queen to woohoo with as he is 'always busy'. help!
24th September 2011 1:25pm
I had my queen propose to her suitor, he accepted. I have tried having them marry in the church, in the castle, in the middle of town but it always comes up with no marriage and that someone has gotten cold feet. I have romanced him til there's no tomorrow. Anybody know what's happening?
27th September 2011 11:04pm
I got through the rest of this quest OK, but now am stuck at the having a baby boy point. My sims have woohooed multiple times and still nothing! Is it ever going to take? she is even still with the boost of being fertile and yet nothing.
BTW for those who cannot get married, just keep trying the marry here option, it worked for me the third time I tried it and you have to be patient for the priest to come from the heavens to marry them. If you see a bunch of sims gathering around yours then it should be time for the wedding.
8th October 2011 1:25pm
I find it extremely difficult to get my Sims to marry without using one of the churches, but it is possible. You just have to have them go to a flat surface, make sure there's plenty of room between them and not too many people around, and then try it. It can take a few tries, and even a few different locations, but it's important to be sure that there's not only room for them, but for the officiant, who will come from the sky.
I do have an issue, though. I want to have a prince, but keep getting a princess every time I try the quest. Do I have to select the opposite?
12th October 2011 7:28pm
So Im quite sure im near the end of the quest, it wants me to make my king marry his suitor, but it wont even give me the romance option when talking to her, anybody know what i should do? Its Kinda stalling my game, should i just give up on the quest or what. I was trying to find a console command to help, but well its not a very helpful command console, So i don't know WHTF to do.
21st October 2011 1:10pm
I chose the suitor but the take hand in marrige couldnt not be used cos this person did not want a long term relationship HELP
22nd October 2011 5:50pm
Try another suitor
23rd October 2011 8:09am
If you want to get married for me it has only ever worked at the Peteran Church. I haven't tried the Jacoban one yet. For me 'Get Married Here' never works. I'm not sure why because it works fine on my sibling's game. For woohooing it didn't work when I picked it as a romantic interaction. It did work when I relaxed on the bed then asked my suitor to woohoo. Plus if you do it that way you don't have to worry where your suitor actually is because they will just come to you.
The rest of this quest is pretty straightforward. Hope this helps!
23rd October 2011 9:44pm
i dont know if i should choose mind or soul any recommendations?
24th October 2011 9:19pm
Soul is always good! :) I always pick it.
21st February 2014 6:10am
ok so im on the heir to the thron quest and i cant get them to marry! ive tied it about a hundred times. ive tried getting married on the spot and in a church. ive tied restarting the geme. ive tried saveing the game under a diff name and its still not working! i went from platnum rateing down to bronze because i cant get to the next step cause they wont get married! i really need help on this!? please if u have any pointers it would b greatly appressiatated
28th October 2011 2:25am
you just have to be inside any building.
1st November 2011 2:10pm
1st I never needed so much help for a game b4 and while it is fun, it is frustrating. I had my king become a peteran and asked my girl to marry him at the church, they walked over there and did it from the forrest. It did take a min. for it to happen though. The person you marry will never stick arou.nd the castle, I married my MAID and she is still never around to bring me my bfast. Just get in bed and relax and click on their icon to come whohoo, whohoo alot (why not). It does take a day or so for them to become pregnant.
22nd November 2011 7:19am
Can't get the new kid? Divorce the wife and marry a new one (it works.)
4th December 2011 2:53pm
Hey, just a thought, make sure you 'announce bethrothal' to BOTH of the suitors that just didn't make the cut. I don't have EITHER church yet and I was having problems getting my queen to marry. Then I thought of the "announce bethrothal" in the friendly section of interactions on other people, and I did it with BOTH of the suitors I didn't use for babymaking. And then I got married. :)
10th December 2011 4:05am
I had the same problem. Got all the way to "Have Marriage" and it just wouldn't happen. At first it said I "missed something", so I went through everything all over again. Couldn't find anything. Then I started getting messages from my betrothed that she was busy and didn't have the time. I broke it off with her and found another (one that had the family buff) But still no results. I finally gave up and quit the quest. I have not been able to finish any quest involving marriage, they just don't work out.
12th December 2011 8:16pm
I have noticed that for most of my sims to "have marriage" without the coldfeet interruption, the hero sim needs to know all three traits and the religion of the betrothed sim. Even then the best way to ensure a marriage after this point is to join a religion and have the marriage at the church. If I do all of this the marriage option never fails.
21st January 2012 1:00am
i can't get the queen suitor to make woohoo how can i make him she married him and every time i choose the woohoo icon he seems to be busy. will sombody tell me what to do? thanx
12th December 2011 8:45pm
my queen was already betrothed to the bard but he is nowhere to be seen and I started the quest and have made it up to marriage to my knight but I cannot marry him and cannot find the bard to split first, what should I do?
13th December 2011 5:41pm
You could try inviting the bard by way of the letterbox. Invite him to the castle and see if that works.
18th December 2011 5:52am
my queen was already betrothed to the bard but he is nowhere to be seen and I started the quest and have made it up to marriage to my knight but I cannot marry him and cannot find the bard to split first, what should I do?
14th December 2011 9:24am
I can't get my queen to get friends with the suitors, they all have the "best friends" trait but nothing happens. I have even started romancing them but nothing!
24th December 2011 10:49pm
I'm stuck here too. :( Do I have to know everything abour them? Traits? Religion? Partner? Is that the way? I have trouble getting to know one of the suitors partner status.
2nd January 2013 10:35pm
I can't get my queen to get friends with the suitors, they all have the "best friends" trait but nothing happens. I have even started romancing them but nothing!
25th December 2011 12:42pm
I married my king to my Lady Knight and now it says I can't invite her over so they can WooHoo. How am I supposed to get them to WooHoo when the wife won't go to the throne room?
29th December 2011 10:15am
I married my king to my Lady Knight and now it says I can't invite her over so they can WooHoo. How am I supposed to get them to WooHoo when the wife won't go to the throne room?
29th December 2011 6:03pm
I have a training field and if your lady knight goes to the training field, you can use your funds to put a tent on the training field and woohoo there
1st January 2012 8:17am
How do you marry someone who is already married? I have tried cheating on him in front of her and ever tried killing her in the pit.
14th January 2012 11:28am
oh shoot,I had a baby with the one of the suitors before the quest what am i supposed to do i dont want two babies! HELP!
22nd January 2012 3:23am
ok sorry but i have a question about a different quest i cnt remember wat its called but if i tell someone i want to b friends can i still court them?
23rd January 2012 5:32pm
My king won't go into the castle or some other buildings since I started this quest.and he's been woohooing for days and still no damn kid. How long does it take?
28th January 2012 2:49pm
I did everything said I have no children and I still cant get pregnant help!
28th January 2012 3:18pm
I was playing this quest, and my monarch got married, and then successfully pregnant. However, after labour, she remained pregnant, but there is a baby crying constantly, but no crib anywhere. I had a boy and got to name him but he never appeared! Very strange. She can't drink due to being pregnant, but eveyone is being driven crazy by a baby crying. Anyone else have this issue?
2nd February 2012 4:24am
I am stuck on the heir to the throne quest too. I have gotten as far as the marry part but they will not marry. Every time I try the marriage is cancelled. My monarch is a female and so is the suitor - could this be the problem? I cancelled the quest and attempted it again but with the male suitor but this time it says introduce yourself to him and I have chatted and wooed etc but no introduce yourself option appears! I'm sick of this quest. How do you skip steps like Linda suggested?
3rd February 2012 11:28pm
okay now i am doing this quest and the option for ask to court is not showing up AT ALL like seriously i have tried everything i even said lets be friends and woo'd her again but still nothing why is this?
9th February 2012 7:51am
Hi, so I was trying to replay this quest, but when I went back to the quest list to Heir to the throne I could not continue on, (and this was for a couple of them) nothing was highlighted. I had put the show all quest cheats in. Im thinking that that may be the issue, Im not sure what's going on. Do you have to have a cetain amount of points? Because that can't be the problem because I also put the cheats to set both XP and RP so I have enough. Im thinking its a glitch orr. I don't know.
19th February 2012 10:09pm
Does anybody know how I can specifically choose a girl or boy when pregnant? I know in Sims 3 you need apples for boys and melons for girls, but what do you need in Medieval, and how much of it? I tried apple pie for boys, but I keep getting girls.
21st February 2012 2:36am
I would like to know how to get a princess. i have tried over and over and all my queen produces are princes. I want a girl! turnip soup (as suggested elsewhere) did not do the trick. any advice? thanks a lot!! :)
26th February 2012 2:12am
Did you try 4 bowls of turnip soup?
26th February 2012 10:41am
My suitor is already married, I have tried sending her husband to the pit but he keeps surviving! Help?!
10th March 2012 11:46am
I had the same problem but in the annexation quest "New Gangs of Aarbyville."
13th March 2012 2:42pm
I am doing the Heir to the Throne Quest. I am at the part where I have to choose traits for the heir. I chose to search for traits in the "far away village" which I'm now supposed to "find". Any idea how to find this village or where it is? Many thanks!
17th March 2012 4:43am
So My kings choosen Suiter is the male option from the begining of the game. I hate to leave ty, is there any way to get a child in medieval, such as adopt?
18th March 2012 9:17pm
A few points:
A) The whole mess seems to be buggy as hell. (Captain Obvious is partial to monumental understatement. ;-P )
B) If both parties are of the Peteran faith and you choose to wed in the Peteran tradition it seems to work most of the time.
C) I've noticed choosing another hero type with the "chivalrous" trait appears to make things easier.
D) Follow the instructions above for "relax"ing in bed and selecting Woohoo"
24th March 2012 2:13am
Accidentally cut off; continuing:
. . . .And selecting the "woohoo" interaction with the spouse, wherever he or she may be works, then you should rinse and repeat, qeueing up as many "woohoos" across the top of the screen as you can, repeatedly using time compression, and watching for interuptions in qeue (though deactivating free will likely precludes that necessity) and removing interruptions
24th March 2012 2:22am
Stupid Android dumbphone- Continuing one more time:
-Removing any intrruptions from the qeue will eventually result in a forced interrupt and a "baby on the way" indicator for the female spouse, after which her toon appears to have an enlarged midsection and begins making labor sounds. Now you just wait for the hatching. If you miss an interruption and the spouse jumps out of bed and takes off, you'll need to start back at "relax" in bed and follow the steps from there again.
Good luck, folks.
24th March 2012 2:41am
I went on the quest, the exited it cause i picked wrong suiter, and now Ive got married, but you cant controll him, plus After I deleated it once, I can never do the quest again, which means I did all that work 4 nothing! LOL!
24th March 2012 7:19pm
For those having issues getting their hero to get married. First be sure that you do many items in the romantic panel. Then be sure you have already courted. After that, I found it helpful (although don't know if it's necessary) to announce betrothal to my advisor and builder since they are the monarch's right hand men. I have done this quest a few times now and I find it really hard to get married "right here" it works better if it is in a building of some sort and it works best if both your hero and the person you're marrying belong to the same church although it will still work both ways. You have to do many romantic things first. Then select have marriage and select right here if you are in a building, or at the church you both belong to. Your sims will walk to the church together or stay at the building. You have to wait a really long time without the other sim getting cold feet. If you wait long enough, a white angel like sim will float down and marry your sims. If your sim gets cold feet, pursue them, add even more romantic things and try again.
5th April 2012 4:27am
When u get a baby, do u automatically get a cot?
Thanks bye
5th April 2012 9:17am
Is there anyway you can change If the baby is a girl or boy? PLEASE HELP!
5th April 2012 11:59pm
I am stuck every time I create a new monarch the only thing I can
do is furnish the thrown room. but it does not let me click live mode
please tell me why?
22nd April 2012 11:39am
Are you sure you have selected a quest. You can't go on live mode unless you have selected a quest. Hope this helps! :)
13th June 2012 7:02pm
My queen married her suitor and had a baby,I took care of it and then went to bed when I got my sim up the next day the crib and baby was gone and there is no options to take care of baby or anything im onfused!
27th April 2012 12:18am
Maybe the baby grew up into a child? Have a look through your relationships for anyone named "Princess x" or "Prince x"
6th May 2012 8:11am
Im stuck in Heir to the Throne too. Ive already completed the quest and I have no other quests that comes up next to my sims picture. My sims are married and have two children. I looked in my quest book to see what else may need to be done to move on to the next one, but It says the quest is still in progress and theres even a check mark by it. What else do I need to do on this quest if my game isnt telling me to do anything? Do I just need to quit the quest or wait for my kids to grow up wich doesnt seem to be happening any time soon. How can I move on? Please help Ive been stuck for more than a month.
28th April 2012 11:40am
Ok, so I got married to a looter, which was the most appealing, but I cant get him to stay at home. There is no option in the mail box to invite him over and when I ask him to go somewhere he says hes busy all the time.
20th May 2012 4:59am
If you open the relationship panel and click on the picture of your mate there will be an option to show their icon. It will be blue. Once you have that you can relax in bed and click on the blue 'bubble' just about anytime to woohoo. I couldn't find my mate either and that worked for me.
22nd August 2012 3:39am
I can only give the love letter to 2 of the 3 suitors. And it's my luck that the one I want to give birth to the heir is the one I can't give the love letter to. HELP PLEASE!
20th May 2012 6:02pm
My sims are married full, fully rested, bathed, relieved, gussied up, and WooHoo 25+ times a day. My queen isn't getting pregnant no matter what. It's been 9 days already, she's got the fertile buff, what else can I do? I even sent her previous love interest to his death in the pit. Nothing. Help!
28th May 2012 10:14am
can someone please let me know if by quitting this quest and using reroll quest cheat, will i get the chance to get this quest again? i have one more suitor to ask, but he cannot have a sim marker 'right now', its been going on for over 24 sim hours now. what's up with that? thanks in advance for any responses.
1st June 2012 12:45am
I created a girl and i stuck on one quest,i need to marry with witch Celeste,but girls cant marry lol. Help me someone!
1st June 2012 2:02pm
i managed to get my sims to marry after discovering all of each of their traits etc.Once all discovered the angel came down and wed them
11th June 2012 5:45pm
Same problem, Its at extremely irresistible, I don't get the option to court or marry, I get all others including woohoo, which I've done numerous times!
16th June 2012 6:14pm
I seem to have a problem no one else has reported.
1. I got them married Queen & Hero Knight) = no problem.
2. I got them to WooHoo - no problem.
3. She got pregnant (Second try - pretty virile knight, eh?)
4. She had child.
5. They woohoo'd again & she got pregnant again.
Then the quest ended with a pop-up but the "Open Book" quest ending never appeared and the quest won't teminate.
29th June 2012 10:26pm
Update to above.
Ran on at ultra-speed. First child now "strapping lad" second child born.

Quest still current!

30th June 2012 2:36am
this quest won't let me have a baby and the suitor keeps running away i even tried woohooing with other sims besides the suitor. I NEED HELP!
3rd July 2012 12:23pm
um i cant figure out how to duel them plzz help
13th July 2012 6:27am
But who do you talk to, to start the quest?
25th July 2012 8:44am
How I can do to get away the newborned? I wanted a boy but I had a girl and she turned my egnimie
24th August 2012 5:09pm
My queen is trying to marry an instructor. when i try to ask for hand in marriage it says the sim is not interested in long term relationship. Anyone know how to get around this - with out having to find another suitor?

oh and my sim is preggers by the sim she can't marry

27th November 2012 1:37pm
Im trying to get my King married to his suitor but I believe she is sick (has a cloud of bugs over her head) and so they can't get married. Anyone know how to remedie this? I tried buying medicine to give to her but there is no function for that.
Please help!
9th December 2012 3:41am
Where can both my sims get married at?
28th December 2012 4:15am

Have you tried taking them to the physician? only asking casue when on another quest and people had this sickness the physician had to add leeches to them on the operating table, sometimes it only partially cured them so I just hit pause and operated again and got rid of the sickness completely.

30th December 2012 1:16am
k dragon
Ugh. My king has a glitch, he is stuck in the tavern and won't move, I haven't been able to interact with him for 2 game days this is killing my quest performance. Any ideas?
6th February 2013 4:23am
How do I have a baby and how do I get passed quest 42 there's no one that wants help!
3rd March 2013 3:18am
I'm at the point in the quest where I am supposed to marry my "suitor", but the game won't let me. I figured out it's because I'm courting someone eles. The problem I'm having is that the person I'm courting left a long time ago and won't come back so I'm not able to break up with him. I don't know what to do. Can someone help?
5th March 2013 10:39am
my qween is in labor but isnt giving birth. shes failing her responsibilities because its been 2 days!. why is that happening?
7th May 2013 1:56am
HELP I asked someone to marry me before this quest. (didn't get married) and now it wont let me click on that person to dislike them or whatever. I don't want to have to start from saved place. please help
8th May 2013 5:17am
Just venting at this point. I've never had a problem getting Sims to Woohoo until I had to have it done on this quest. And there's no way to get to any kind of help from the creators/owners of the program. I've been frustrated before on this game, but this is the worst I've ever had to deal with. Took me 3 hours to get them married, just luck in having that happen, now can't get them to woohoo. Ready to really hurt someone!
10th May 2013 12:45am
yo the tsm needs to make a new expansion pack with horses and dragons you can ride. Also with different kingdom layouts and you should be able to go to war depending on relationships with other kingdoms. anyone else agree if so start a petition to the creators
30th May 2013 8:05pm
I can't even get this quest to appear. Not sure why as I've played this quest before no trouble. I tried using ShowAllQuests, found the quest but it won't let me play - it shows as if I don't have the correct character, i.e. an unmarried monarch is required, I have an unmarried monarch (who has never been in a relationship or had a romantic interest) but still no go. I really want to play this quest as I have storyline qoing, does anyone know how to make it happen?
7th July 2013 8:32am
I have decided the knight as suitor and before the quest they were courting. At the enemy stage do i have to break them up?
11th July 2013 8:32pm
I have 40/43 quests finished and have a husband but I badly want a kid but don't understand what any of you mean by suited etc and I don't know how to start the quest. PLEASE HELP.
15th July 2013 8:18pm
I'm on the marry your suitor step, but my suitor is already married to another one of my hero sims. I forgot this until it said he was already in a relationship. So, HELP! Do I need to quit this quest?
22nd July 2013 11:10am
So, it took me forever to get my monarch to marry the blacksmith. After she announced she was betrothed to the other 2 backup guys, and found out every characteristic of her mate and joined church then woo'd him a bunch they finally got married on like the 20th try. Now, he won't come home to woo hoo! And I can't meet up with him cause there needs to be a bed around, and I can't call him to dinner, or invite him over. This game is driving me nuts!
16th January 2014 12:40am
I've done the Fertility Ritual and now must get married, but the 'Marriage' option is unavailable (It's there, but greyed out) because my suiter 'Doesn't want a full-time relationship'.
How do I fix that?
I amrried the wrong guy anyway and decided him, but now this is a problem. Please help me so I can have an heir.
16th February 2014 5:59am

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