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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Make Books Not War

Approach: Translation Sensation
Requirements: Peteran Priest, 3QP
Platinum Quest Award50 RP $1500 2500XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Security Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $1250 2000XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Security Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $1000 1600XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Security Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward20 RP $750 1200XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award-Security Kingdom Aspect Award


At the end of this quest you can either sell your books or give them away. Selling gives you 1500. The giving books away option allows you to increase your relationship with about 6 sims before the quest ends.
19th June 2011 11:12pm
i cant find out how to translate the book. i tried clicking the writing desk but it didnt come up with anything extra
1st July 2011 10:28pm
You have to use a scribe's desk, not the writing desk in the bedroom. :)
8th April 2012 4:10am
I can't seem to get the Priest to give the books out to people. How do you do that? I choose the "give books out for free", instead of making money off them.
18th July 2011 1:43am
Wuddup Peepsz
Ok so i JUST STARTED this quest and like i can't seem to get him to officially "meet" the wounded soldier. I talked with him and stuff but is there any "meet" button? if so, under what?
29th October 2011 1:36am
where is the bookbinder maysant i can;t find her..please help me
9th December 2011 12:39pm
I don't know how to translate the the book, please help!
16th January 2012 9:07am
There should be an area outside the church with a bunch of desks where u can translate the book. Hope that helps :)
30th January 2012 10:44pm
The amount of money you get for selling the books at the end can vary. I only got 500 because of how "poorly translated" the text was. Lesson learned for all those who haven't completed this level yet: when you have finished translating and preaching the sermon the first time if the sermon "doesn't go well" and you are asked whether it's "good enough" or whether you'd "like to rewrite the translation" take the time to rewrite the translation. You'll make more money at the end.
22nd March 2012 1:25am
Simlish Girl
I cant translate the beginning of the book. It's makeing me angry! I need help. Really, I need help now! :/
26th June 2012 3:00pm
where do i find the book binder?it's not showing up as a quest icon under 'recruit bookbinder duff'
2nd July 2012 11:48pm
how to find the ink?
22nd December 2012 3:16pm
you buy it at the village store
28th December 2012 1:26am
Sandy K
I don't know if it's a game glitch or if I'm just not figuring it out, but I can't seem to get my priest to be able to talk to Acolyte Malakai. I've even tried leaving the game & reloading in case it's a glitch, but still can't interact with Malakai. Help?
13th January 2013 1:35am
i cant figre out how to giva a sermon using the tranlaed text! help!
12th April 2013 3:44am
I am at the point where I'm asking for donations of paper, but that function is not highlighted on any of the Sims I meet. I've been to every place in town, converted tons of folks, even saved and restarted with no luck. Thought there might be a glitch with the game. Any tricks to get folks to donate? No option to donate to the poor at the post either.
24th May 2013 12:16am
There is no particular trick to do it, you need to rise your relationship with that person until it gets highlighted.
16th June 2013 7:13am
Hi! I keep on giving the book to people, but the mission still isn't accomplished :( The "get someone a free book" button sparkles a little, then shows up again, and I keep on giving the goddamn books like there's no tomorrow. Help?
2nd July 2013 5:01pm

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