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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Prelude to a Plague

Approach: Pandemic Preparation
Requirements: Physician with Merchant Secondary
Platinum Quest Award40 RP $1500 2000XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award30 RP $1500 2000XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward20 RP $1500 1600XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $1000 1200XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award


How do you clean the clinic at the beginning of the quest?
16th May 2011 2:07pm
Click on your Physician and there sound be an option like sweep floor.

How do you ask your patients how they are feeling?? "Diagnose" and "Ask about Health" don't seem to work.

20th May 2011 2:07pm
Have your physician in the clinic, click on him/her and sweep should be an option.
31st May 2011 2:01pm
nate: You have to wait until it shows up yellow icons of patients that you can ask how they're feeling
22nd May 2011 10:32am
How does the merchant trade gems with Tredony?
24th May 2011 12:57pm
First, the merchant must have goods to trade. (In order to get a bag of gems from Tredony, the merchant needs either 6 things of barley or fancy clothing.) After procuring items for trade, you must put it in the ship's cargo hold at the docks. Do this by clicking on the ship and opening the cargo hold. Then transfer items from the merchant's inventory to the hold. Once the ship has cargo, you can pick "sail to trade" by clicking on the ship.
9th August 2011 2:05am
Where can you find the angelweed required to make strong salves and tonics?
27th May 2011 11:13pm
It is in a bush by the house nearest the Town Market, behind the tavern, behind the merchant. From what I can tell, it is only harvestable once a day.
10th August 2011 2:57am
Where do I find angelweed?
28th May 2011 11:40pm
It's hard to find. I bought it at the market in the village.
31st May 2011 2:02pm
There is angelweed on the right side of Peteran Church and near the forest entrance.
31st May 2011 2:23pm
You can find Angelweed under a tree right next to the Peteran Monastery. As far as I know, there is only one bush with it.
12th June 2011 11:13am
Also in the corner of the playing field.
29th October 2011 7:54am
There is another angelweed bush close to the village shops, on the left side, not too far frm the entrance.I your town is pretty big, it's to the left, almost behind the tavern, in front of one of the "pillars" of the wall. There is another building slightly behind and to the right of the bush.
14th April 2012 9:41pm
There are four bushes of Angelweed in all. They are near the tavern, right beside the peteran church close to the wall, just outside the wall going towards the forest on the opposite side of the path to the river, and behind the kingball court.
15th August 2013 11:58pm
Miss Dove
the merchant trades gems via the boat in the docks.
8th June 2011 3:07am
At some point, unsure if it was because of the quest or not, neither of my heroes were gaining the decorated buff. Going to the village and back fixed this problem.

When it came time for my merchant to talk to the second ailing victim, I couldn't find them so I had to use the cheat to finish it. I don't know if I had to do something special but I assumed that after two days of waiting for the quest icon, while checking each of the NPC Sims out for the specific action and having nothing turn up, that I should skip ahead.

There are 5 locations for Angelweed. 1 behind the merchant house, 1 behind the king ball court, 1 on each side of the Peteran Church, and 1 just outside the wall when heading to the forest (if you don't have a wall yet, it's about halfway up the path on the left). If there are others I haven't found, please be sure to list them.

8th June 2011 2:57pm
The same problem: cannot find the second ailing victim for several days. Does anyone know how it's supposed to happen?
9th June 2011 5:14am
there is also angleweed between the churches in the back. Hope that helps. I am also having trouble finding the sencond ailing patient. How do I get past that part without loosing everything that I have done?
19th May 2012 5:39am
Miss Dove
In sims medievil how do you collect the bad grain to burn, i have tried the boat but it doesnt have any alternate options other than open inventory which doesnt have anything and the sail to trade? Please help.
9th June 2011 4:33am
Click on the "Path to the village" sign there should be an option to "burn contaminated grain" or something like that
13th June 2011 1:26pm
I cant find the second ailing victim either. How do I finish the quest if I cant find them?
15th June 2011 7:03pm
same problem
16th July 2011 12:46am
her name is jeanette the ailing
1st September 2012 9:13pm
How can I question the two pleasants?? I cant find them..
8th July 2011 12:27pm
I think my game may have bugged. I'm trying to make the potent anti-virus. I've told my sim to do it twice, and used up both samples of infected blood, but I only have 1 of the anti-virus in my inventory. I can't make any more because I cant get any more blood! Help and suggestions would be appreciated :)
9th July 2011 11:07am
Just use a cheat to get through then Dx I think shift click on the objective makes it advanced? There's a cheat section in here. Hopes this helps.
9th March 2012 7:50am
My sim starting one potion then quit. now I've made one of the potent anti-virus potions, however I can't make the second one. I have only one infrcted wheet and no more blood and can't get either.
1st August 2011 6:56am
How do you research the symptoms of warts and yellow skin?
6th August 2011 9:08am
This quest is riddled with bugs. I had the problem with not being able to have my merchant talk to the second plague victim. I had to quit the quest and restart it. The second time through I saved before having my physician talk to the first victim and then made sure I had my merchant ready to speak to the second person.
11th August 2011 4:06pm
No One
How do I collect leeches? Any help would be great. Thanx
11th August 2011 6:39pm
Go to the stream next to the merchant house and town well and click on the bubbling green water. You can also collect leeches at the docks the same way. If you click on the bubbling blue water, you can fish.
9th January 2012 8:21pm
My merchant cannot open up the market for some reason..She talked to the caretaker and requested supplies but when I try to open my market it said I had no supplies..what do i do?
19th August 2011 5:20am
The supplies are in the inventory .you just have to drag them to the merchandise .
3rd February 2012 6:20pm
I am to the point where I am being told to cure the ailing citizen with my physician. When I try, it says I am missing curative potion. however, my physician cannot craft such a thing at the table, and I am beginning to fall behind on quest progression. How do I get this potion?
24th August 2011 9:17pm
I am at the end of the quest. But no matter how many times I try to medicate the well, it doesn't work. I get the dialog of "Successfully medicated the well" and the icon on my physician's quest objectives is still there.

If there is a cheat to finish this quest, I'd appreciate someone passing it along. Been at this for three days.

4th September 2011 12:07am
I'm having the same problem. No idea how to fix it.
23rd December 2013 1:03am
I generally don't use cheats but also got hit by the same "bug" of not being able to "question" the 2plagued villagers, despite knowing who they were meant to be. Your cheat (enable testing cheats and then ctrl click "bugged"action)worked perfectly. Saved me having to wipe my newly levelled merchant -thanks heaps!
18th September 2011 5:20am
Im really stumped with sweeping the floor at th clinic, when I click on my man (inside the clinic) there is never a sweep floor sign for him.. I've tried moving him all over the room to no avail. any ideas?
25th September 2011 10:34am
i click on my physician (in the clinic) but i dont see the option to sweep.what is going on?
30th September 2011 2:06am
I had the same problem. Since my physician was married to another hero sim and lived at their house, I tried going there and "voila", I swept the floor at the barracks and then went on from there!
21st August 2012 11:54pm
i've found if you can't talk to the 3 patients at the start its because you've already healed them before that section of the quest. best thing to do is sweep the floor as soon as possible before you heal anyone of sickness, the yellow markers should appear once the sweeping is done. (sorry but i don't know how to fix the unable to sweep bug since its always worked for me)
19th October 2011 1:06pm
i'm unable 2 find the second ailing peasant, wat 2 do?
16th November 2011 9:26am
My physician has been \"stuck\" medicating a sim for days now. He is exhaused and starving, and the constable has threatened to arrest her for falling behind on a quest. How do I get her \"unstuck\"? I have tried exiting the game several times and the game won\'t let me quit the quest since she is dying.
24th November 2011 4:32am
I had the same problem, Marigold and I just figured it out. You need to 'check inventory' on the operating table then add leeches from your personal inventory. Once you've done that, click on table and choose 'treat sim for illness'. Choose the infected patient and once s/he's on the table, choose 'drain'. Use 'pile of' or 'many' leeches until you're near the gold bar (for drainage). Once you're near the gold bar, you'll be given the option to medicate the sim. :-)
24th January 2012 4:17am
How do you get Device Medical Formula? I click on the scribe desk, but don't see any. please help
30th December 2011 2:36am
You need to head into the castle and use the queen's/king's scribe table located on the right wing of the main castle.
31st March 2012 8:28pm
How do u gather leeches please help x
30th December 2011 9:46pm
Raven Days
Amanda724. If your hero is the physican go to the ponds or river and look for the green bubbly and click discover or gather. Those are leaches.
31st December 2011 4:03am
where do u go to get the eye patches?? please help, im completely stumped
31st December 2011 7:22am
You can buy them at the village shops.
Took me forever to figure it out too!
18th April 2012 6:59am
How do i research warts and yellow skin?
7th January 2012 1:30am
You have to use the scribe desk in the throne room. i just had the same issue
7th January 2012 9:39pm
I cannot find the second ailing peasant either.

I tried to quit the quest to restart, as that seems the best way from what I've seen in different forums, but when I quit the quest, it does not repopulate in the quest list. Luckily I did not save and restarted the game with the quest intact.

Can someone tell me how to quit the quest and start it from the beginning without having to recreate my kingdom?


8th January 2012 12:04am
Am at the end of the quest, the wheat has been burned, but the Physician nor the Merchant are able to pick Angelweed (says "No Interaction Avaialable" regardless of which one I select) so he isn't able to make the strong salve and tonic. I keep sending them to the village, but it is never any for sale there. Please help!
5th February 2012 4:01pm
I can't find the second ailing peasant. This is the second time I do this quest, but I still have the same problem as previous. I've diagnosed peasants that have 'ailing' on their name, but still can't find it. Please help T-T
9th February 2012 3:29am
i'm stuck for angel weed all the bushes are grey and i can't collect
how can i fix it
please help me ;)
10th February 2012 3:56pm
I got to the part of the quest where you have to talk to the baker to find out if he is the cause of the plauge, and whilst i was talking to him a choice came up in the quest box but it wouldn't let me interact with it.
Clicking on it does nothing and I cant advance in the quest anymore. Can anyone help me out?
16th March 2012 11:55pm
In the Quest Peasant Revolt how do you Threaten another peasant they dont give me an option yo do so
26th March 2012 9:01am
Ok, my merchant needs to find both the ailing patients. But i dont know how. One died, and im really stumped. Cause im not getting any pop ups. Help would be great, thanks.
27th March 2012 2:32am
how do i medicate on my patients? i click the operating table and she starts operating but this goes on for ages and nothing happens. any help would be great thanx
5th May 2012 12:17pm
I am trying to change the enable testing cheats from 0 to 1 on my comp because I can not find the second plagued peasant to find out they have wheat or something or other in common, I uncheck read only, pull up the file, change it from 0 to 1 but then when I hit replace file it says access denied. Help?!
28th May 2012 6:07am
I'm trying to give the physician the wheat sample but no matter how much my merchant chats her up the option will not highlight. Is there something I'm missing?
18th June 2012 2:27am
At the begining when the merchant needs to complement people or something, how do you do that?
28th June 2012 5:52pm
im tring to give wild flowers to the merchin but it wont let me
1st July 2012 12:33am
how do you collect wheat?
6th July 2012 12:15pm
i cant find the second ailing peasant, HELP xx <3 thanx
22nd July 2012 11:49am
When it comes to Medicate Ailing Peasant, I bring her to the table but her blood isn't high enough for me to medicate her. Do I wait it out or is ere a way to speed up the process of her blood to get high enough to medicate? Help please!
4th November 2012 10:08pm
I am at the poin where I have to make a weak curative tonic and a weak health salve, I did it but the icon isn't disappearing. Also I don't know how to confer with Nurse Neva
18th November 2012 7:34pm
I have tried to drain the the blood and I have done it three times but it keeps saying I didn't what do I do?
27th January 2013 11:26pm
just cheat. hold down Ctrl (on the left) and the click on the quest XD
Your Welcome
3rd April 2013 1:38am
How do i take a blood sample from ailing peasant?? :)
12th September 2013 5:01pm
I was having trouble finding the second patient in this quest as well until I did the following: I looked at my sim's relationships panel and hovered my mouse over the other sims that she knew and when I found the two patients "so and so the ailing" I clicked on that sim and selected the option to "Turn Sim Marker On" which gave me the ability to track them down and diagnose them without the use of extra cheat codes and control clicking and what not. I hope this helped the others who were having difficulty with this. :)
21st November 2013 9:19pm
My quest says "medicate colin the dying" but I must have already cured him. Now I can't get him on the table to medicate him
2nd January 2014 6:00am

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