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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: The Fisherman's Challenge

Approach: Compete
Requirements: Any Hero
Platinum Quest Award50 RP $2000 2000XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award40 RP $1500 1600XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward30 RP $1250 1200XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect AwardKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward20 RP $1000 800XPKnowledge Kingdom Aspect Award


This quest is not very long, do not do the tasks quickly or you will run out of time to get platinum. Also, you get tasked to talk to 2 fisherman, one wants an apple, one wants eel soup. If you go the apple route you will end up fishing for one fish then the Mysterious Lobster, then you are done. To catch the lobster you must have your mood bar all the way in the red. This makes it impossible to gain on your Quest Reward at that time, so make sure you have it in the platinum already. If you go with the eel soup you will go on a whale hunt and must purchase a boat and harpoon, they are expensive. I would recommend the 'Apple' route if your hero is poor, and the 'Eel Soup' route if you have the 'Whale ate my Parents' trait and money.
28th April 2011 12:43pm
hey if u choose the ell way and dont have the trait cause i have the equipment but if i dont have the whale ate my parents trait what should i do?
24th May 2011 9:36am
but i went with the apple dude and i cant find a fish and my quest preformance is getting low so how do i catch a lobster im stuck
3rd January 2012 12:57am
I am trying to complete this challenge using the Wizard (with insecurity as his fatal trait) as the hero, i went down the apple route and im currently searching for the lobster, just to be clear, Do i have to be completely in the red(Full red bar) to find it? if so, Where is the best place to fish for the lobster? River? Ocean? or will anywhere suffice? Im still a bit of a novice with Sims Medieval so explain it to me like im a 5 year old please lol Other than that im picking it up quite well, im enjoying the new spin on Sims and so glad you're not running back and forth to use the toilet!
23rd December 2012 6:28pm
If you do this quest and follow the eel rout with the whale ate my parents trait you get a legendary trait.
30th May 2011 4:38pm
how do you do the whale hunting because i am stuck on that one
1st June 2011 5:32am
yea im stuck at the whale hunt
i've done the whale hunting and it keeps stucking there
even after 6 hunts i havent completed the quest
2nd June 2011 11:20am
when you are told to sweep as a physician you don't need to buy a broom. go to the operating table and the option comes up to sweep
2nd June 2011 2:17pm
my sim get a legendary trait in this quest..and my sim dont have the 'whale ate ma parent' trait..i choose the eel one..after i whale hunt and told it to the fisherman..and i get the legendary trait..
13th June 2011 9:04am
That happened to me also. Weird.
23rd April 2012 1:25am
Catching the whale is the trick here, you need very high focus in order to succeed. Be sure the Sim has rested well, bathed, eaten best food you can get, drank some good ale/wine, etc. For big longlasting buffs you might want to consider creating a relationship - buffs for first kiss and new romance are pretty big. If you're desperate, make a baby and get married right after it's born.
25th June 2011 11:27pm
i went on the lobster route and i cant get my hero's foccus meter to red! she keeps getting comfy and nicely decorated! what can i do? PLEEASE HELP
13th July 2011 1:03am
Make sure you are at a very high platinum level before you try this. Don't go to the dock to fish until you are in a lower green mood. Then go to the dock, don't let your hero eat or sleep until their mood goes red. Then keep checking the 'fish' action until it shows red. Then fish and you should get the lobster. I've done it 3 times this way and it's always worked.
9th September 2011 12:17pm
You could go a whale-hunt on the big ship when you have the harpoon - I think its only for that particular quest that you could whale hunt from the ship. I didn't get the Legendary trait because my Hero doesn't have the "Whale Ate My Parents" trait.
14th August 2011 4:41am
I try three times this quest and each time I get stuck, and its long. You need to keep up the traits and once I got past with the harpoon and sailed but failed after that. Too hard anyone ever got this quest?
22nd August 2011 3:03am
i'm stuck at fishing a fish for the apple route. I don't know where to click and where to go. can someone help??
3rd September 2011 7:38pm
You can buy an apple at the Village Shoppe
15th September 2011 1:42pm
I am stuck at the same point. I can't figure out how to fish. HELP!
16th September 2011 2:38am
I caught the lobster when my focus was still over halfway up in green. My hunger was getting fairly low, but what seemed to be the most important was my Energy was all the way red to being Exhausted, then I fished a half dozen or so places in the river and caught it near the waterfall.
15th September 2011 6:05pm
your focus meter must be red before fishing so the lobster will appear.

And before whale hunting, be sure to fish regularly, some people think that "catch a prizewinning fish" task means to go whale hunting.

17th September 2011 1:33pm
if you watch the water there are places that are green and then places that look like they have something splashing. The green area is where you get leeches and the something slashing is where you can fish
24th September 2011 11:39pm
Gianne Solmerano
i am stucked at the find the MYSTERIOS LOBSTER ,i go fishing and fishing but i cant find a lobster.plss help me in here.
6th November 2011 11:59am
Black Aaj
To get that LOBSTER it's easy just go to the dock and you must fishing from all spot and at the last spot you will get it
21st November 2011 10:26am
You guys have the worst grammar in the world. Can someone use correct spelling and grammar; and explain how to get the legendary trait? Or is that asking too much?
12th December 2011 9:25pm
I'm with Nikita! Have whaleboat and harpoon and no idea what to do next. Any assistance would be appreciated.
23rd December 2011 12:34am
To hunt the whale, u must have, whale ate my parens trait, a boat and harpoon bought from village shop. Get both meters green via eat and sleep, go to dock click on ship, and "hunt whale",should come up. Get on the ship and there u go.
17th June 2012 5:06am
I'm still stuck on the eel soup thing..
where can I get it? (Not able to make my own ever since the queste started)
31st January 2012 8:15pm
If your stuck after buying the harpoon- btw you dont need to get the whaling boat- then go to the docks, click the ship and the option for whale hunt should come up :) And do you really need the Whale Ate My Parents trait for the legendary trait??
29th February 2012 8:23pm
like Black Aaj said, when going dock you can find some spot for fishing.
when you find last spot (under the bridge),that's it. that is the perfect place for get the Robster.
23rd May 2012 12:36pm
Can someone please tell me how to get the big eel?

Meter is max silver and well being is all green. Focus is high. Have whale boat and harpoon but nothing comes up at the dock to whale hunt (not really sure I even need them) and river just gives fish.

5th July 2012 9:16pm
I want to make the large eel soup and i am just making that small bowls and how do you give it to them to eat like they request? other wise i am going to go out wihout to save and choose the other one and see what happens
13th July 2012 8:27pm
To fish:
There are little glowing water spots that when clicked, give your sim the option to fish.
To give:
Click on the sim and if you are doing the quest, there should be a give_ option.
_ = apple/eel soup
29th September 2012 1:42pm
I just need to find a prize winning fish. How do i do that?
27th November 2012 2:02am
You don't need the whale ate my parents trait for the ledgendary trait. I didn't have it yet I got a legendary trait from this. You just have to catch the whale then tell the old guy.
14th January 2013 6:58am
I did the quest 2 with the whale, but I didn't get a legendary trait. What did I do wrong?
2nd June 2013 9:12pm
After much experimentation I've finally worked out how this quest works:

If you go the whale route, the "Whale Ate my Parents" trait is required to get the legendary trait. I've done this quest with and without the trait and was only successful in acquiring the legendary trait with it.

However, if you go the lobster route, you will get the legendary trait regardless. I've done this route almost every time with the same end result.

15th August 2013 6:36pm
Thanks for that. That's precisely why I came here. I'm about to start that quest right now. I'm working on the Legen (Wait for it) Dary Ambition right now and I need the 5 legendary traits to get a platinum
21st November 2013 4:58am
Beautiful moon
Oh my goodness! I have finally completed the fisherman challenge! it was not a easy task at all. I picked the fisherman maroon, it takes forever to get that done but I did it! And yes it is right by the waterfall and, my hero sim was the monarch and my traits were,good, chivalrous and glutton. All I did was starve myself and didn't get any sleep, and then finally my mood went down to red and I almost got over thrown out of my kinddom but just in time I found the lobster! But next time, I would pick the other fisherman. Ugh that was long quest I ever been on. I hope this helps!!
28th January 2014 9:29pm

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