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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: The Mirthful Love Doctor

Approach: All We Need is Love
Requirements: Physician
Platinum Quest Award60 RP $1250 2500XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award50 RP $1000 2000XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward40 RP $750 1600XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward40 RP $400 1200XPCulture Kingdom Aspect Award


Where are the case files ?
7th May 2011 8:53am
There is a bookshelve near your desk, click on the shelve then select review case files.
11th May 2011 6:36pm
although ı did what you said, it doesn't work what should i do
23rd June 2011 4:38am
The case files you can find them on the table thingy where the nurse or doctor are always doing their research. Not the craft table, the one that looks like a desk
19th March 2014 8:33pm
where can i find the message in a bottle??
7th May 2011 10:37pm
To get the message in a bottle go to the beach then click on the waves where they come on the shore. It will ask if you want to look here for the bottle. Say that you do, then a message will tell you either than you found the bottle or that you did not. This also applies to looking for the seashell mentioned earlier in the quest.
11th May 2011 6:36pm
Jip de Jonge
I followed all Ana's steps, but I don't get the option "look for bottle" I just don't! Help me :(
28th May 2011 8:05am
Just keep walking on the beach and he/she will eventually find it (click go here on the whole beach)
7th June 2011 3:15pm
I had the same problem, there was no option ( look for bottle) found the shell but no bottle. Then I clicked go to village and all of a sudden I have a bottle.
29th December 2011 9:47pm
Jamie h
I didn't have the search for bottle option either then I clicked path to village and when I got there, the bottle was in my inventory. Odd, but it worked!!
Thanks KD.
19th April 2012 11:07pm
How do I write a note to myself?
17th May 2011 6:17pm
There is a desk near the bookshelf, just click on it and there should be a "Write note to self".
21st May 2011 8:40pm
At the Archive; just click on it.
21st May 2011 10:41pm
The woohoo with harvey is not working?what do i have to do?
24th May 2011 12:40pm
I was having this problem too. It worked once I invited him to cuddle on the bed.
14th January 2012 8:41am
where is the shell for delvin
25th May 2011 9:47pm
At the docks, click on sand near waters edge
20th June 2011 3:02am
How do i makeover sondra with the new outfit? i click on her but there isnt a way to do so.
30th May 2011 10:26pm
I don't know if you figured this out, but you click on the dresser (mine is upstairs) and it gives you the option.
6th June 2011 2:36pm
I had to put a dresser downstairs. and i put her in something that showed some cleavage and make up. seemed to work!
28th May 2013 7:37am
Make sure Privacy [click on floor in room where you have your dresser] is Open to Public.
4th July 2013 5:21pm
What clothes does Sondra have to wear? I've tried anything, but nothing is sexy enough?!
9th June 2011 8:27am
i was trying the beer girl look-a-like. and, it was fine.
20th June 2011 10:38am
iam looking for the shell in the mirthful love doctor any ideas where they are?
12th June 2011 10:17am
I can\'t find it either. Can anyone help us, please?
23rd November 2011 8:39pm
I am searching the archives for my own mystery disease and it is taking forever, what am i missing
20th June 2011 3:03am
Does anyone know how to follow the notes instructions? (After you find the bottle on the beach and have Barnaby translate it for you?)
1st July 2011 10:53pm
you'll find the note in your inventory. It should tell you to meet your secret admirer at the woods
9th July 2011 8:33pm
How do I craft a chastity belt key? I tried clicking on the hearth/fireplace, but it didn't work.
7th July 2011 2:59am
You need to click on the crafting table, where you normally make the different healing/potion items. If you haven't changed the furniture around, it is in the same room as the operating table.
15th July 2011 4:34am
At the potion crafting table, you open it as if to craft a potion and the option for the belt key will be there.
16th July 2011 12:00am
I also don't know how to follow the note's instructions.
7th July 2011 3:58pm
I am not being given an option to look for the bottle at the beach
29th July 2011 2:50am
Can anyone help? I'm at the point in which my doctor wants to get a good night's rest. I click the bed and click "sleep" and the icon to sleep briefly appears at the top before vanishing a split second afterwards. I can't make her sleep at all. Even dragging her energy down to the bottom. She tries to go to sleep but it keeps stopping her. I've also tried the sleeping potions but they don't work either :(, can anyone help?
5th August 2011 8:55pm
This is what finally worked for me. Go to the bed and Relax, then drink the sleeping potion (you will pass out on the floor), then when the hero wakes up they should go to bed and go to sleep (if they don't direct them to do so). That completed the step for me.
11th October 2011 4:50am
Does someone know where I can find message in the bottle? I walked along whole dock and I can't find it. I tried clicking on waves and everything but nothing. How and where did you find it?
11th August 2011 2:42pm
I found mine further back in the sand. Like looking for the seashell, I just had to click around a bunch of places until randomly discovering an option to look for the item in addition to the standard "Go here"
14th September 2011 6:57am
saya tidak menemukan jalan mencari Saya juga tidak tahu bagaimana mengikuti instruksi catatan itu. bagaimana caranya saya sudah putar-putar tetap tidak bisa dan saya sudah diam di depan gelomabang tetap tidak bisa posisinya sebelah mana saya harus berdiri
17th August 2011 10:05am
It says I need to be well-rested but my sim is an insomniac and can't be well-rested! PLEASE HELP ME!
28th August 2011 7:10pm
i cant give a sexy makeover to other sims but not to Sheryl the my quest says i need too i click on dresser but it just times out for her but others it brings up change clothes scene
4th October 2011 11:42pm
I'm having the same problem as Laura. I try to give robin a makeover, but it just times out when I click on the dresser. my physician just stands there and nothing happens.
26th October 2011 7:01pm
Yeah mine does the same thing with Claudia, has anyone figured this out? Please help I really want to move on.
2nd April 2012 1:06am
mine does the same thing :(
24th November 2012 4:22am
This may happen if your room has the privacy set to not allow the patient in.
1st January 2013 10:44pm
I don't like my crush (he's always smelly). Will it hurt my hero or the quest if I tell him I don't like him?
5th November 2011 11:51pm
It was fine if you reject him, as your heroes will give him a heartfelt hug (I forgot what it's called.) and the quest will complete.
20th November 2012 3:26am
I cannot find the scrap metal thing in the village does anyone know where its at
16th November 2011 2:42pm
It's in the same place you click to 'go to shoppe'

My Craft Table won't let me make the key. I think It's a glitch since I've done this before in another kingdom. Anyone know how to work round that??

18th November 2011 8:25pm
to bronwen.banks
go to docks,clickalong the shore line, the 1st time you will always get "crab carcass", click on the sandy where the water laps a secondtime and you'll find a shell
22nd December 2011 3:22am
How do i follow the noets instructions?
2nd January 2012 6:53pm
I just clicked go here random spots and then a message appeared saying she found the bottle.
22nd January 2012 11:06pm
So, I have given the dude his shell and gone back to deal with the next patient, the one with the kissing problem. I did the 'kiss scientifically' and now where my next quest aim is I have a question mark which when I click, doesn't come up with a choice selection like usual, but just says something like 'in my professional opinion, there was an obvious problem with matey's kiss'. Any ideas what I do to move on? When the scientific kiss happened, it said he kissed like a llama, but that's the only clue of what the 'obvious' problem is that I can think of! :-)
12th February 2012 9:01pm
I can't go another step on this case. Because my sim is said She woke up viomit, she has cold. diagnosic is clear. How to solve this?
17th February 2012 12:29pm
I'm stuck where it says "[name] wants to practice WooHoo with me." However, when i click on the ?, no panel comes up to make a decision from. Possible glitch? Did i ruin the whole quest by just having a baby (by the one who asked me about getting over a previous heartbreak)? I mean, did i ruin it because I did later events accidentally?
4th March 2012 6:24pm
No my person had a baby during the thing and It fist ruin it it just may be a glitch
13th April 2012 3:09am
is the beach in the docks
10th March 2012 3:16pm
Can someone help please
I’m doing the 'mirthful love doctor' quest my doctor is frozen, she was crafting on the 'magnum mysterium crafting cranny' and when i accept the quest her action was deleted but she just keeps on crafting over and over and over... it is frozen but she is still moving.
I have tried to 'resetsim' but it keeps saying unknown command. I have 'moveobjects' and moved her away from the crafting table but she is now crafting on a crafting table that’s not there.
Can someone please tell me what to do
15th April 2012 8:20am
My physician, Sigil, got pregnant and had a son from woohooing with the patient who had a crush on her. Oops! 0_0
21st April 2012 11:07am
people! i can find the shell!tell me where exacly it is!
5th June 2012 3:43pm
I am trying to follow the note's instructions,I chose to Woohoo with the guy to show him how to have a baby with his wife but I tried EVERYTHING to follow the note's instructions,Please help me!
30th June 2012 6:17pm
I need help? I think I messed up the quest because my physician had just broken up with the patient you're supposed to practice woohoo with and now, my Sim can't even talk to them because they'll insult my sim or find them creepy. Should I quit the quest or..?
7th June 2013 2:45am
My sim is an insomniac so she can't sleep until fully rested. Help please?
26th June 2013 4:06pm
To find bottle: Just click "Go Here" all over the beach until the bottle is found.

To follow note instructions: Go into inventory and place cursor over the note, the instructions pop up. Do not click the note, just hover over it. It just says meet me at the woods entrance.

Beware: I chose to show the patient how to woohoo and got pregnant! Now I am having a baby with a guy who didn't know how to make a baby! And he gets married after you teach him how to kiss, so I wonder what his wife will think. First time my sim popped her cherry too!

5th October 2013 4:02am
Hi. Got a problem with the "Message in a bottle" bit. I've read and followed the instuctions on all of the above advice concerning it but I still can't find the bottle. Annoyingly it works in my other kingdoms but it doesn't in this one. Incidentally this is the first time I did the quest with a female doctor. Has that bugged it out?
2nd February 2014 2:35pm

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