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The Sims Medieval Quest Guide: Wedding

Approach: Public Ceremony
Requirements: Reception Hall, 3 Non-Monarchs, Monarch, 2QP
Platinum Quest Award40 RP $1250 1600XPCulture Kingdom Aspect AwardCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award30 RP $1000 1200XPCulture Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward20 RP $750 800XPCulture Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $400 400XP
Approach: Elope
Requirements: 3 Non-Monarchs, 2QP
Platinum Quest Award40 RP $1250 1600XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award30 RP $1000 1200XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward20 RP $750 800XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $400 400XP
Approach: Secret Lover
Requirements: A Non-Chivalrous Hero not Monarch, 3 Non-Monarchs, 2QP
Platinum Quest Award40 RP $1250 1600XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect AwardWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Gold Quest Award30 RP $1000 1200XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award
Silver Quest Reward20 RP $750 800XPWell-Being Kingdom Aspect Award Bronze Quest Reward10 RP $400 400XP


I did Secret Lover with a Chivalrous Knight and my Peteran Priest. It can be done. The knight just felt a bit guilty for a little while.
25th April 2011 8:38pm
How to "make out with the secret lover"?
6th June 2011 1:31am
I chose Elope. I got to Platinum pretty quickly, thought the Marriage was the end -no, thought the Consumation might be the end -no. Hint: If there are tons of people in your bedroom try buying a tent. BE SURE to go straight to the Monarch right after Consumation so you don't get arrested. After telling the Monarch you're done.
9th May 2011 10:49pm
Yep, time is important here. My poor Merchant got thrown in the pit because he fell asleep before informing the Monarch.
28th May 2011 4:56pm
Actually, no matter what you do, your sim will be killed. I made sure to go straight to the monarch, but he was still executed. I thought maybe somebody would stop it from happening. So unless you want your hero to die, don't choose elope.
23rd June 2011 11:04am
I did the elope, and reported to the monarch after woohoo-ing. The monarch did NOT send me to the pits.
9th November 2011 8:07pm
I did the public wedding, it is asking to give Bottles of Festival Ale to Bride and Groom, Have not figured out how to bottle the Ale?
Has anyone done this, that could give a hint.
22nd May 2011 3:13pm
Figured it out. Just get the ingretients for the festival ale. and make it at the wedding and serve a glass to the bride then the groom.
25th May 2011 5:47pm
can you explain me how please I tried really hard and I failed. its drive me crazy! help me please
thanks =)
25th June 2011 7:19pm
I am having this problem with the quest. I have made Ale for $50 in the reception hall. I served it to the bride and groom, but the quest step still does not advance. Is there a special "Festival Ale" or does regular Ale do? Also, I have played this several times and can't seem to figure it out. I have tried it before and after the couple marries, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
6th September 2011 4:19am
go to the shoppe, buy and read the book 'my favorite feast ale recipes'.
28th September 2011 8:22am
how do you get the rings and wedding cloths? i can't figure it out
26th February 2012 5:31pm
just serve
29th February 2012 3:39pm
Help! I can't get them to marry no matter what I do. They are both Jacoban but can't get married in church by clicking the church and choosing the option. It always gets cancelled. Anywhere else, it doesn't give me the option to "marry" by clicking on the betrothed. What am I missing??
4th June 2011 5:27pm
You might have already figured it out by now but you need to go to the village shop and buy two wedding rings before you try to do the ceremony
25th August 2011 2:32pm
So my game won't let me ask her to court I logged out of the game and logged back on and it it's working! Please help
8th July 2013 10:44pm
how do you get the rings and clothes
6th June 2011 2:07pm
The wedding rings and clothing appear in the Village Shoppes under Items or Equipment. I just found it myself.
9th June 2011 3:58pm
Have you figured out how to get the wedding clothes yet? I am stuck I can't get my people to marry, I have the rings but everytime I go to the shoppe there are no wedding clothes
2nd March 2013 6:51pm
Actually, no matter what you do, in the elope part, your sim will be killed. I made sure to go straight to the monarch, but he was still executed. I thought maybe somebody would stop it from happening. So unless you want your hero to die, don't choose elope.
23rd June 2011 11:11am
Not really actually. I did elope and right after the wedding rushed straight to the monarch and consumated quickly. My bard managed to avoid execution. If you can't seem to avoid the execution then have a wizard with the teleport spell be the best man/maid of honor. Teleport stright into the throne room at the end of the ceremony. If you're still executed then either there's a glitch or your monarch can execute faster than a speedng mage.
26th June 2011 8:09pm
I eloped and my Sim lived. Right after woohooing just go straight to the monarch and 'fess up'.
27th February 2012 4:00pm
Well i decided to get married to my secret lover but the marriage proposal doesn't come up.. I am stuck don't know what to do
28th June 2011 12:41pm
Have you tried to break off the engagement with the betrothed? Be mean and then dump him/her? Something to try anyway.
5th July 2011 11:03am
Have you succeeded; I have been at this for a wk.
3rd September 2012 3:09pm
I'm trying the secret Lover approach. The Spy is Maid of honor and is supposed to tell a funny story to the betrothed and lover. But that interaction never come up.
What am I missing.
3rd July 2011 11:36pm
Found it, The Spy had to be "Good Friends" with the Sims before the "Tell Funny Story" interaction appeared under "Funny"
5th July 2011 11:01am
if you elope after wedding woohoo, then talk to king. should allow your character to live. least it did with my spy
9th July 2011 12:42pm
Becareful with elope in a low protection kingdom. Both the docks and forets are common places for bandits and they keep picking on your fiance/bride, making it imposible to actually marry.
11th July 2011 12:25pm
Well, that's where I'm stuck. The wedding keeps being interrupted, like he has cold feet or something. Any way to get past this? I'm at the Dock.
29th April 2012 9:07am
Hey i choose Public and the couples is same i am stuck coz cannot court she's girl.. any idea
13th July 2011 3:45pm
That shouldn't be a problem. the game is designed to allow same-sex couples to court and everything. Maybe you need more romantic interactions?
7th August 2011 12:51am
I am currently on the task wedding, and they want my blacksmith who is male to marry a dude I broke up with him. It still says I need to find a way to marry this sim though.
1st January 2013 11:46pm
I am currently trying to complete the public ceramony apporch and can not find the wedding bands or the wedding clothes.
could any one please help?
15th July 2011 7:37am
The Doctor
You can buy them in the village shoppe! :D
2nd February 2012 1:17am
In the public ceremony, you have to buy wedding rings and wedding clothes. Does anyone know how to get them?
25th July 2011 11:23pm
They will show up in the All section of the Village Shoppe. Be sure to buy 2 of each.
29th July 2011 10:17pm
sofia pinto
In the village Shoppe
3rd August 2011 11:46pm
You can buy them at the Village Store
6th August 2011 3:32am
You get the wedding rings and wedding clothes at the Village shop!
5th August 2011 1:35pm
How do you "go to dresser?" Is this another buliding? Because I havn't built it yet!!
5th August 2011 6:23pm
You just have to buy it in Furnish mode - like the Food Storage. :)
7th August 2011 9:31pm
I choose public wedding but i don't even get the qeustion if they will be a couple. can any one help me?
10th August 2011 6:09pm
i am in the same spot and i cannot figure it out i have tried the romantic gestures repeatedly and its not working how am i supposed to get them to court?
3rd June 2012 6:41am
i was about to marry my sims but when i try my sim keeps on complaining about something blocking them! so i cannot compleat the quest!
17th August 2011 5:21pm
Me Too! I'm trying to elope. At the beach. Have wedding clothes and rings. I keep getting footsteps with an 'x' through it. GrArgh!! Help!
6th September 2011 3:05am
If you save and quit and then turn the game back on and try again, it should work.
18th February 2012 6:30pm
I got the same bug, and have found out something.
Quitting the game and launching it again didn't solve that. I got frustrated so then I stopped for the day to continue later. After I turned on the computer and launched the game, that problem got solved, but I made the mistake to leave the game without saving, and thus the bug still exists.
Maybe there is a certain chance that the problem could get solved after turning off the computer for some time and then launching again the game. But I'm sure there is a better way to solve this.
2nd March 2012 8:30pm
here's how i found a way to beat the elope mission glitch. my character met her betrothed and even though she would get mad at some invisible object being in her way i decided instead to use the testing cheat hack to bypass it. i simply shift-clicked the betothed while having my female hero selected. i then selected relationship to set their relationship to married. abracadabra, the program accepted it as fulfilling the objective and i was able to finish the quest. i am interested in finding out if i have to make a new wizard since the one my spy married moved in to her home at the castle.

in order to use the shift-click i mentioned aboved you must go to the cheats page and look at turning on the testing cheats. it's really easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

6th May 2012 5:05am
I found a way to beat the beach elope glitch, I invited my husband to be over and then we got married at the house. they dont have to actually get married at the beach. I also went straight to the monarch right after woohoo and was not executed.
3rd November 2012 10:14pm
I did mine in the forest and no luck, no wedding. The problem is my betrothed is hungry and sleepy. (Reminder of sims 1 move in or marrage, the other person has to be at high stats.) This should work for beach as well.
So, Invite home, Feed , Let sleep, Then try again. It should be easy from there.
9th December 2012 7:28am
I'm stuck.. Took forever for the rings to be available in the shoppe for me but got them and now every time I go to marry the chick it calls the wedding off. We are both Jacoban but I don't have the other church. I've tried marry here and that doesn't work either. Do I need to set up an area or something?
23rd August 2011 12:58pm
So, for the Secret Lover path to this quest, are the played SIMs the ones in love, or are they all just helping a random non played couple?
26th August 2011 9:47pm
I'm getting extremely frustrated! I did the public wedding and I have to give the ale to the bride and the groom but it's not working. I read a comment that someone else is also having a hard time with this too and someone else responded that you just have to buy the ingredients but what are the ingredients?
10th September 2011 12:40am
1 Barley,1 Honey and 1 Wheat.
13th September 2011 1:04am
Yes, what are the ingredients, and how do we find them?!
21st September 2011 10:30pm
I finally figured it out! Have your best man or maid of honor go to the village shoppe and buy the book "My Favorite Feast Ale Recipes." Once he or she has read the book, they will know the ingredients necessary for making feast ale.
22nd September 2011 3:31am
You need to make the Feast Ale which I believe is honey and wheat. I think it's just a 1-1 ratio for the ingredients but double up just in case I'm wrong.
1st October 2011 5:42pm
Did the public wedding option and they got married, they had sex, the quest is STILL NOT over?! What do i have to do now?!
11th September 2011 9:12pm
I'm having the same problem. Does the couple have to go home for the quest to end and if so how do you do that? Every time I tell my Hero Sim to go home she goes home alone. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be stuck on this quest forever and I really don't want to have to start a whole new game either. Please, someone - HELP!
1st January 2012 7:08pm
my best man is testing the bride and the secret lover with trying to seduce them, but how do i do that? doesn't come up anything, have been flirting and talking a lot with both but it's not working, is friends with them also..
12th September 2011 7:30pm
I'm having a heck of a time with secrect lover wedding. When I thought everything was set for the wedding my sim turned down the marriage proposal even though they were betrothed. Then he broke things off because of being humiliated. Nothing works. They will not make up. I give up.
18th September 2011 8:27pm
I'm trying to elope and had no problem until I went to get my bard to marry their betrothed in the forest. I have rings, my witness and the girl is a wedding dress but there is no option to marry. What do I do?
21st September 2011 5:14am
Interact lovingly with the partner, sooner or later the propose marriage option should appear in the romantic tier, and then some extra options should appear right after that (in the romantic tier too)
2nd March 2012 8:23am
I'm doing the secret lover and my maid of houner is suposed to trick the guyes but i don't know how.
25th September 2011 10:58am
Okay, so I'm on this quest and I chose the private wedding and the guy I chose is the Monarchs Husband. So I'm trying to court them right? and It won't let me. Usually when I create a chivalrous character, that's when it lets me court them but my spy isn't chivalrous.
18th October 2011 12:52am
im stuck in the first quest, do i kiss??
23rd October 2011 12:47am
Click ont he sim you want to kiss, choose the romantic tab and if your sims like each other enogh there will be an option to kiss. Make sure they are friends or you will get a negative buff.
13th February 2012 10:29pm
Which Ale is the Feast Ale? I have the recipe book, but there is no recipe with honey and wheat.
23rd October 2011 7:04pm
I chose to Elope.
Feast Ale: Click brew on any keg (once you've purchased "My Favorite Feast Ale Recipes" at the village shoppes)and pick Feast Ale from the list that pops up.
Kissing: You must first "romance" your love interest. Click on your love interest, click romance and then keep clicking on the different romance actions (woo, bestow favor, etc.) You must do this many times before "kiss" shows up. Often the "first kiss" doesn't go over well and you have to "romance" some more.
Getting Married: Click on your love interest and then click "romance" and then click on the romance options until the option to marry shows up. It took many, many, many attempts before my two love birds decided to stop having cold feet and get married.
Woohoo: Sims prefer to woohoo in a bed. In placement mode, put a bed near where your sims are and then have them woohoo. It's too hard to get them in the same bedroom at the same time without someone else in the bed.
25th October 2011 4:57am
I chose a public wedding. it's between the priest and the dame. I have the clothes, the ale and the rings. but the priest's quest right now says that he has to go to the dresser. what does that mean? that's preventing me from continuing on the quest
27th October 2011 3:59am
I chose secret lover. I keep trying to get married here but it just comes up with the thing about cold feet! I don't have enough RP to build a church. How can you make the get married here work??
28th October 2011 8:20pm
I was able to get past the cold feet by converting to one of the churches. Once that happened, everything started to run smoothly.
7th March 2012 11:48pm
Help plz!
Im doing the public wedding and i've done every thing up to actually getting married. but everytime i click on get married they go to the church but the it gets called off for some reason and i donw why it says something about "did your sim get cold feet" wat do i do to stop getting "cold feet"?
5th November 2011 8:01pm
Is it possible that your Hero Sim is too hungry, too tired or too unfocused to get married? That's what happened to me. My Sim was too hungry, but once she ate completing the wedding was no problem.
27th December 2011 12:36am
still cant figure it out.Im not even getting the option to marry! UGH! someone please help. :(
28th December 2011 1:46am
I need to tell a funny story, but the person I need to talk to is in the stocks. Any suggestions?
6th November 2011 9:07am
Seeing all the trouble that I was having and after reading that so many people were having trouble too, I thought I'd never get to finish that one. I had chosen "Public wedding" and it was getting cancelled every time. I decided to try one last thing. I got the groom to invite the bride home. Had them kiss and canoodle until the woohoo option showed. Got them to woohoo and then, when tried the "get married" option it worked.
14th November 2011 4:47am
Im doing secret lover, It will not let me marry the secret lover even though i already broke up with the betroth, i the secret lover is married, any suggestions? or do I need to accept this quest as a loss and start over?
4th December 2011 5:50am
My maid off honor has broght the rings but on my groom it still wants him to buy the rings so how do I get my rings off my maid of honor
5th December 2011 3:11am
i chose public ceremony but when the best man is supposed to serve the ale to the bride + groom he serves it and it doesnt say that i completed the request HELP?
15th December 2011 7:29pm
Make sure you have:
1. Learnt the Feast Ale recipe bought from the village (read the book: my favourite ale recipes)
2. Have the ingredients: 1 wheat, 1 honey, 1 barley (buy these at the same time)
3. Brew the 'feast ale' in one of the kegs in the reception hall.
You should then get the option to 'serve drink' to both the bride and groom.
You won't get the quest complete until after they have finished their drink.
29th August 2012 4:49am
i accedently bought the wedding clothes with the bride and i cant give them to my maid of honor
17th December 2011 8:19pm
Okay so I chose secret lover and around the end it asks to either marry the secret lover or keep the secret lover a secret, I chose to marry the secret lover but tge things for the quests told me to marry the betrothed and have the best man tell the secret lover about the breakup,can someone explain it to me
19th December 2011 6:37am
I'm doing the elopment and I cannot get my people married. They have the rings, the cloths, they find each other extremely irrestiable. Every time I click on "Get Married" it says the wedding was cancelled. What do I do??
22nd December 2011 3:27am
i'm on the wedding quest and it says to give the people drinks, but i don't know how to.
I've tried everything but nothing works.
27th December 2011 5:10pm
Im at the part where you have to ask your lover to marry you. I keep doing multiple romantic actions and ther romantic interest bar is fill ALL THE WAY. But for some reason im not getting the option to marry the guy. PLEASE HELP! :(
27th December 2011 8:20pm
Okay so I bought the rings, but where is the Wedding Clothes? Is it the chain mail stuff??
28th December 2011 1:08am
My problem is to find nema the deft. how to find her? if she is in foreign territory how do i go there? can't go by boat
5th January 2012 6:22am
how do you tell that girl a funny story?
5th January 2012 10:54pm
I chose the public wedding but no matter how many times I ask my betrothed refuses. Its the witch that my monarch married earlier. They're separated and mortal enemies now but she always refuses. Can anyone help?
11th January 2012 4:39pm
I completed the quest for elope with my primary hero being the wizard (Level 10).
14th January 2012 12:51pm
In the public ceremony, I did everything told and my sim is in perfect condition, but he always got 'cold feet'. Can anyone help?
17th January 2012 5:46am
I chose to marry my betrothed, but keep my secret lover on the side. I'm playing as the spy, and my Knight is my secret lover. My quest is to "make out with Nikolai " who is my knight, but I can't figure out how to make out, can someone help me? I've tried sitting on a couch and cuddling, then looking for a make out option, i've tried cuddling on the bed, but still no Make out selection, I've tried everything I can think of, can someone help me out here?
17th January 2012 8:48pm
There are no make out option. You've got to choose "Kiss passionately".
22nd January 2012 7:50pm
I am so frustrated, I am doing the marriage quest. I had tried many times to get my couple married, the cold feet pop up has come up at least 10 times.. I have also had the angel come down, then perform the ceremony swap rings and then again a pop up comes up cold feet and still stuck on marry the bard, it's her second marriage, her husband the king had died. I wonder if that is my problem. I also notice that since he died, his heir thinks the tavern is her home and all of his children think that is home. The maid in the castle will also no longer do any cleaning or bed making.
26th January 2012 7:45am
I am offered the 1QP Wedding. I only have 2 non-Monarch sims (Knight & Physician). Not sure if I should try it as all the information I read about this quest seems like I need more sims.
7th February 2012 2:14pm
my monarch and knight are who I have ready to get married, she has asked and he said yes, But when I pick the get married my Monarch gets ready but the groom wont do anything, he just stays where ever he is at, I don't know what to do please help!
7th February 2012 11:59pm
Yeah, this cold feet thing is RIDICULOUS. I've spent entire days (in sim time, not IRL, I have a job and friends) wooing my betrothed and no matter what there's always cold feet. Entire days. Our relationship cannot get any higher. HELP!
16th February 2012 8:52am
If your really desperate about getting married and it still isn't working, aka cold feet keeps coming up, you can set the testingchatsenabled true bit up and shift + left click on the person you want to marry and set the relationship to spouse. C:
17th February 2012 3:00am
I'm so confused! I chose elope and then it took me a while to get married. You have to get both of them in a really good mood! Anyways, my guy has never come home! He is always at the clinic so I think he's sick, but I can't woohoo with him! I can get the option woohoo but after they start kissing it just stops cause it is not their bed. What do i do?
2nd March 2012 6:56pm
Ingot around this by quickly jumping into buy mode and tossing a double bed into the front room of the doctor office just so they could woohoo and be done with it.
28th August 2012 5:36am
Okay so I chose the public ceremony with my smith and my knight and I haven't even gotten to the wedding yet I'm on the very first task where I have to kiss the betrothed, but I can't find the option to let me do that my smith is perfectly focused, and their friendship meter is at best friends. Can anybody tell me what I'm missing here?
4th March 2012 2:47am
Trying to elope my chivalrous knight and couldn't marry, couldn't marry, found out I had to announce my betrothal to my ex and ask her to be just friends. Next thing I know he's able to marry the betrothed. Hope that helps someone.
15th March 2012 9:18pm
How ddoes the best man give the wedding rings to the Bride/Groom?
17th March 2012 11:50pm
How to make brew feast ale
5th April 2012 10:28am
When you go to the Village shoppe.don't just buy the book. you have to buy 1 Barley + 1 Wheat + 1 Honey as well. then go to the reception hall before sending the bride/groom over and click on one of the Barrels and choose Feast Ale. If you want you can fill the other Barrel with regular Ale or wine. then just click serve.
20th June 2012 10:13pm
Help! I'm doing the public wedding; I am at the reception wall and the marriage option opens up with only one available option which is "have the marriage/wedding right here" but it's not working. The wedding just gets cancelled every time and a messages pops up looking for the ring but the bestman already gave the ring to the groom. Also, the bestman couldn't give the ale to the groom and bride. What am I supposed to do now?
30th April 2012 2:11pm
I am doing The Secret Lover Quest and cannot get the option tell funny story it keeps saying Dramatic story or tell story how do I do this ?
2nd May 2012 8:00pm
I am doing the secret lover and my sim has already gotten married and decided to keep his secret lover on the side. I need to make out with my secret lover but every time I try to talk to her or romance her our relationship decreases, she will not talk to me. How do I fix this?
11th May 2012 3:41am
i chose the secret lover quest then i chose 2 marry my partner instead of secret lover but im not getting the option 2 propose marriage can anyone help please
20th June 2012 10:09am
I am frustrated too! I am trying to get my knight to kiss a villager but even though they are best friends the villager keeps on pushing me away when I try to flirt. I haven't even made it past the kiss to be sure thing!! ARGH!
23rd June 2012 3:13am
I was dumb enough to select a hero sim as the "groom" who is already married. I don't control his character, so is there any way to end his marriage and proceed with my own?
23rd June 2012 10:21pm
i don't know why but i went to village shop to get wedding rings and there was only 1 do they reappear after so many days.
24th June 2012 7:01pm
You probably have the answer to this by now since your post was from several months ago. I finally finished that quest. I got stuck once at finding the rings and wedding cloth and a second time at the feast ale. Both are solved by going to the village to shop, but the items you need are not necessarily there on the first trip. Sometimes it takes more. It was the third trip to the village before I could get wedding cloth and wedding rings for 2. The feast ale requires that the maid of honor goes to the village and buys a book about making feast ale. It then goes in her inventory. When you click on the book you get the option to read it. After reading it go to a beer or wine barrel and click on brew. Feast Ale should be an option. If it is highlighted you have the incredients in your inventory, if not, you need to go to the village and buy wheat, honey, and barley in order to make the ale. I made it at the Maid of Honor's residence and then invited the bride and groom there to serve them the ale. The clothes were tricky to in that the groom has to go to a dresser to change clothes for the wedding. The trunks don't work. It has to be a dresser. Only the groom has to get dressed. The bride wil automatically be in the wedding gown.
3rd October 2012 3:53am
Im in the platinum got everything done but they wont friggan make out at all! relationship is up way sky high and not getting any higher.their lovers but no make out ?why?
25th June 2012 8:00pm
i did wedding thing (last option) with my clinic woman and a village man, but after the changing into clothes mid way through the quest it didnt say anything. i had the wedding then noting happened, should i exit the third quest in a row ??
11th July 2012 6:45pm
Stuck on the 'check in with Royal Advisor' part after the wedding (going with Elope, which was apparently a mistake as it's buggy. ha, wish I'd known that before!). The Royal Advisor is nowhere to be found and is 'busy' when my sim invites her somewhere. This is really annoying! Where did she go?

AND My knight sim had a responsibility pop to talk to a territory leader, and HE is also 'busy'/not available to speak to. What gives?

19th July 2012 4:01am
so i'm doing "secret lovers" but the sim i chose to marry won't accept my proposal no matter what i do! and now my performance for the quest is dropping. -_- is there some secret to this? somebody please help me!
28th July 2012 6:52pm
A bit delayed, but for anyone doing the Public Marriage quest -- I made the mistake of changing into the second outfit after doing the 'Plan an Outfit' task. Somehow, the game interpreted that as my main outfit, and my old outfit as the 'marriage' one. So even though I was *wearing* the one I wanted to get married in, the game thought I was in the wrong one, so my sim kept getting the 'The wedding was called off! Is everything in order?' error. Once I changed outfits, it went through smoothly.

So, if you're having trouble, try changing your clothes.

6th September 2012 1:06am
I chose frgo as my groom, and he is supposed to be marrying my female knight. they are on the get married part but it does not show up. please help :\
2nd October 2012 4:09am
SO,I did the wedding quest; got them married and now my maid of honor is supose to serve the ale,but I can't. Nothing I try is working; I make it, I manage to get one there to serve a drink too but then the other is gone or not coming. I am completely stuck with this quest.
29th November 2012 7:08pm
I am about to lose my mind. I am taking the elopement story-line. I want my blacksmith to marry King Frgo. They are eloping in the woods, and I am getting the same icon of not being able to walk over my blacksmith's head every time. Then the game prompts me and asks if someone got cold feet and if everything is in order.

I've tried everything. I have the rings, the clothes, and I can't invite him over because "he's far too busy a person to make social calls" so I can't raise his stats at the house. I don't know what to do!

21st December 2012 1:40am
I Can`t get this quest to show up, I've used ReRollQuests a thousand times! Is there something I have to do first?
25th December 2012 1:52pm
In secret wedding it's best not to let your maid of honor die. just thought you'd like to know, it kind of ends that quest!
6th February 2013 2:11am
I have successfully gone through with the elope twice, and I forgot how much trouble I had!
The roadblocks I overcame were
the 'cold feet'- I ended up converting to a religion and having the wedding at a church.
I tried to marry King Frgo, and for some reason he wouldnt leave the woods. I had to quit and get back on to woohoo with him in the monastery right after the wedding, because I couldn't get him to any other buildings.
Also, there was an outfit 'disguise' I changed into? I'm not sure whether that made a difference.
My advice would be to get everything set up before the bridesmaid checks in with the royal advisor, because as soon as she brings the news you need to woohoo and then rush to the throne room immediately. I successfully escaped with my hero's life-it can be done!
Hope this helps!
26th February 2013 12:53am
i'm trying to get my monarch to marry the bloodletter. i'm not doing this as a marriage quest. they're betrothed, but anytime i select "have wedding" i get the warning that someone has cold feet or is everything in order? is there anything i need to buy (rings, dress) in order to get married? i keep wooing until the relationship is up to irresistible.
26th June 2013 12:18am
i am not in a quest i wanna marry but if i click marry in a rondom place i sais that it is cancelled becuase it sias oh no and something with water what must i do i am stuck
3rd July 2013 7:45pm
doing the public ceremony, the best man is asked to hold a speach, i am asked to make a choice what kind of it should be (question mark sign). clicking it, nothing happens. do i need to train a skill or something? level up (actually 6)?
29th November 2013 4:34pm
HELP I am doing the secret lover quest and I am meant to buy two wedding rings but there is only one at the village shoppe, what do I do!??
17th April 2014 9:00am

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